Buy The Right Decorative Well Cover

Home and property owners living out in the country or in suburbs all face a similar issue when it comes to front and back yard landscaping: How to hide those ugly water well risers!  These metal monsters that poke up from the ground can't be moved without having the entire water well re-drilled.  A huge expense.  And simply planting bushes and shrubs around its perimeter is a big no-no because the pump may need maintenance at some point, and if so all the shrubs and bushes will be trampled, stomped on and maybe even need to be totally torn out of the ground.

Fast & Easy Well Cover Ideas

How To Hide Water Well CapFolks go to great lengths to hide those unsightly metal well caps.  We've seen everything from bird bath pedestals to quaintly painted pails used to camoflauge and disguise.  One concern with covering any electric pump is overheating.  Luckily most of these well designs feature an electric pump placed down far below the surface.  The cool temperatures at these depths and the fact that the pump itself is submerged in water means there need not be any concerns related to overheating.  Some exterior well pumps are installed with the pressure tank and pump both exposed above ground.  In situations like these, you'll want to be mindful about using a properly vented cover to conceal the electric pump.  Many of the DekoRRa rock enclosures sold here include the option to have vents pre-installed in the rock.  In fact they are even painted to match the chosen rock color.  Way cool!

So how does one go about selecting the right size enclosure?  Here's a quick action plan:

1) Take careful measurements detailing both the diameter of the cap at the top, and the height.  Measure from the ground to the top edge, then lay the tape across the top at the widest point.

2) Make sure you don't need vents. This is an easy one.  If you don't see an electric pump exposed near the well cap you're good to go ventless.

3) Take a look around.  Scope out the color of any rocks, stones or boulders laying around nearby.  Are they grey, brown, sandstone tan?  Also note the color of your home.  You'll want to make sure you order an enclosure that matches the theme of your landscaping.  The last thing you want is an ugly, awkward colored enclosure hiding the ugly, awkward colored well cap.

4) Find your dream rock.  Click here for popular decorative well cap covers sold here. The important part of locating the rock of your dreams is to pay close attention to the interior dimensions of the different rock models.  Don't get hung up on the exterior dimensions.  These will throw you way off.  Compare the measurements you jotted down to the actual inside dimensions for accurate results.

Quick Tip: Several customers have taken things a step further by transforming the area around the water well into a neat little landscaped area.  Now that the well riser is covered with a realistic rock enclosure, why not go crazy and throw some edging, weed barrier and mulch down to make it look like a little rock garden?  Plant some flowers, thrown in a couple rocks to even things out a bit.  It's a great way to make the space appealing and your neighbors won't believe it when they see it!

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