Simply enter coupon code "fallrocks" to chop 15% off the DekoRRa Model 116 backflow rock at checkout! With one of the first major cold snaps cruising through the southern U.S., many home owners are scrambling to winterize their lawn irrigation systems.  Most modern lawn irrigation systems feature backflow prevention devices - those funky looking inverted "U" shaped devices which poke out of the ground.  In the center or the "U" lies the backflow prevention valve.  Febco, Watts, Ames, Apollo are popular name brands. These irrigation backflow valves are not cheap, and freezing..
Here are some quick tips on choosing the right backflow enclosures and insulated bags for backflow preventers.  Despite their solid metal, rough and tough exterior appearance, these irrigation valves are really pretty wimpy inside.  They have dainty springs, seals and gaskets that do not handle freezing water well at all.  Freezing water expands and really shreds these parts up in a big way.  This is one of the reasons many folks want to cover these valves: to protect them from the cold.  Theft is another concern.  Left out in the open these valves are easy picken..
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Home and property owners living out in the country or in suburbs all face a similar issue when it comes to front and back yard landscaping: How to hide those ugly water well risers!  These metal monsters that poke up from the ground can't be moved without having the entire water well re-drilled.  A huge expense.  And simply planting bushes and shrubs around its perimeter is a big no-no because the pump may need maintenance at some point, and if so all the shrubs and bushes will be trampled, stomped on and maybe even need to be totally torn out of the ground. Fast & Easy W..
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