Big Irrigation Freeze Protection

Backflow Insulation Rock CoverSimply enter coupon code "fallrocks" to chop 15% off the DekoRRa Model 116 backflow rock at checkout!
With one of the first major cold snaps cruising through the southern U.S., many home owners are scrambling to winterize their lawn irrigation systems.  Most modern lawn irrigation systems feature backflow prevention devices - those funky looking inverted "U" shaped devices which poke out of the ground.  In the center or the "U" lies the backflow prevention valve.  Febco, Watts, Ames, Apollo are popular name brands.

These irrigation backflow valves are not cheap, and freezing weather can make them go "POP".  To prevent this many folks go with backflow blankets or enclosures designed to protect the delicate valves from frost and freeze.  For larger valves, the DekoRRa Model 116 Backflow Rock is a wonderful choice.  It's so popular in fact that we decided to put it on sale through November. 

This Model 116 faux rock alone is a great way to protect backflow valves from frost and freeze.  In areas where additional protection is required, the rock can be purchased as a Frostmeister Combo with an R-13 insulation bag.  The insulated bag slips over the valve and piping first, followed by the hollow rock cover.  Electric heat tape can also be added.

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