The interior dimensions of each DekoRRa rock model is listed below. The charts are a bit tricky to use. Since the rocks are not perfect squares or circles one can alter the maximum length and width configurations by rotating the rock. This is why you see different length and width max at the same height.

If you’re not in the mood for all this nasty thinking and figuring please feel free to take the easy route and click here to enter the dimensions of the object you need covered. We’ll get back to you quickly with a list of options for you and you will be eligible for our 5 Star Guarantee!

Fake Rock Cover 101


Well Pump Cover 102


Water Irrigation Saptic Cover 103


Artificial Boulder Cover Model 104


DekoRRa Model 105


Imitation Garden Stone106


Hide Well head


Pond Skimmer Cover Stone


DekoRRa #109


Model 110 Irrigation Valve Enclosure


111 Plastic Septic Rock Cover


Sewer Tank Decorative Top


113 Telephone Pedestal Shroud


Pressure Tank Insulation Protection


116 Backflow Valve Protection Boulder


Fake Rocks Model 117 Interior


Backflow Protection Enclosure Model 301

Model 301 Backflow Protections Enclosure


DekoRRa Model 302 Backflow Protection Enclosure


Model 302 Backflow Protections Enclosure