Savannah 5859 Deck & Patio Planter Box By Mayne


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Savannah 5859 Deck & Patio Planter Box By Mayne

This compact model features a unique pattern molded into the sides. Some comment that it looks "Modern Gothic."  Regardless,  it's a wonderful looking planter with a small footprint.  Ideal for smaller spaces, the 16 inch square size takes up minimal space making it a perfect addition to the front porch or out on smaller decks and patios.  With the ingeniuos moister retention system at it's base plant roots are kept moist even in dry conditions.  Water less, relax more!  Agreed?


  • Our molded plastic planters are made from high-grade polyethylene, double wall design
  • Sub-irrigation water system, encourages root growth
  • Inside dimensions are 12.25"L x 12.25"W x 11"D
  • Outer dimensions are 16"W x 16"D x 16"H
  • Soil capacity is approximately 5 gallons (19 litres),
  • Water capacity is approximately is 3.7 gallons (14 litres)
  • Available in white, clay and black
  • 15-year limited warranty.

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