Dekorra Model 210 Faux Stucco Textured Garden Box Planter

Dekorra Model 210 Faux Stucco Textured Garden Box Planter


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Dekorra Model 210 Faux Stucco Textured Garden Box Planter

DekoRRa Model 210 Faux Stucco Textured Garden Box Planter

This extra roomy (over 6 feet long) Garden Box has it all!  It's lightweight, making it fast and easy to carry and move into position.  It's ultra durable and totally U.V. fade proof.  And last but not least, it is absolutely beautiful!  DekoRRa's patented "Real-Rock" molding technology creates a stunningly realistic Old World Venetian stucco finish on the inside and outside walls of this amazing planter.

Authentic stucco textures and rich colors make this a welcome addition to any garden or landscape . Natural hues of brown, grey and tan blend together wonderfully just like real Old World Stucco and the aggregated matte finish is non-reflective to better simulate the gritty texture of a real Tuscan style coating.

And talk about elbow room, this is over 6 feet in length, just under 4 feet in width and features deep 16" sidewalls for some serious planting power.  This box will hold a generous amount of soil and is deep enough to support large plants as well as small and medium varieties.  Despite it's large size it's surprisingly easy on the back.  The lightweight design makes moving it into place fast and easy.  Once filled with soil and mulch it becomes super stable and totally wind resistant.  No need to worry about it flying away with Dorothy and Toto!

The ultra thick side walls add strength and provide durable protection from lawn mowers and weed wackers.  Specially formulated polymer resins provide long lasting and effective protection from U.V. rays and sun fade.  And everything - the colors, the textures - it's all actually molded deeply into the side walls, not sprayed or painted on.  As is the case with all DekoRRa products, this is a utility grade product designed to last a lifetime.

We photographed these in natural sunlight without using a flash to capture the textures and colors as naturally and accurately as possible.  Each garden box ships fully assembled and ready for fast and easy placement in your yard, garden or landscaping.  BYOPAS (Bring Your Own Plants And Soil) ;)


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Q: Is this planter Water proof ? I'm gonna Use it For a GoldFish Pond! Please Let Me Know? Gonna Save me Money! Thanks

A: Yes, it is waterproof. In fact we sell it as a Patio and Deck Waterfall pond here: It's totally non-toxic and fish and critter safe!

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