DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 107 Fake Rock Well Cover


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DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 107 Fake Rock Well Cover

DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 107 is one of the new fake rocks designed to work as a decorative well cover. It has quickly become on of the best sellers as more and more home owners discover what a wonderful option it is for hiding ugly well caps and risers in the yard. It looks great and can cover a wide variety of sizes.

Small Fake Rocks

IMPORTANT: Please use the interior sizing charts below.

For homeowners on a mission to disguise unattractive metal water well heads on their property, this model 107 may be perfect fit. It's tall and wide enough to handle a wide variety of well sizes, and it is extremely easy to useDekoRRa 107 Mock Rock Well Cover.

Textures and colors on this rock are extremely impressive and appear very natural. Everything is molded into the exterior rock walls, not sprayed or painted on. This totally maintenance free design will provide years of hasslefree service. Advanced UV inhibitors are formulated into the polymer resins, creating total protection against sun fade over time. This also prevents the exterior of the rock from becoming brittle.

The polyethylene design is totally string trimmer proof and will not crack from impact damage. Unlike fiberglass which can crack and create dangerous slivers and sharp edges, these fake rocks are totally safe and worry free. If you want to camouflage it water well or any other object in your yard what you find unpleasant to look at, this is an excellent choice.

  • USA made of 100% green recycled plastics.
  • Fast and simple to use, just set it and forget it.
  • Hollow interior is spacious and lightweight.
  • Rugged deeply textured design provides incredible durability.
  • String trimmer proof and impact resistant.
  • Advanced UV protection prevents sun fade.
  • Totally weather resistant in any climate.
  • Maintenance free, never requires painting.
  • Adds character and a natural element to your yard or landscaped
  • Ground stakes are included for security and wind protection
Dekorra Mock Rocks Model 107 Fake Rock
Model 107 Mock Rock FauxRocks

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Exterior Dimensions
ImportantPlease use the Interior Dimensions Chart to determine the size of object this model can cover.

Q & A (5)

Q: Hi there .. I am very interested to make a purchase of one of your product but the problem i live in Canada and i was wondering if you ship within Canada. The one i am interest in is Product Code is RE-RR107 . Can you please email me and let me know if this can be done which I really hope it can. I do not mind paying for shipping . The reason i am asking is because in Canada i am not able to find anyone who makes these well covers which i fell in love with it and it will be the perfect item for my well cover. Awsome idea by the way. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day. I am hoping to get a response from you. My email address is Sincerely....Linda Mulligan

A: Sorry, we do not ship fake rocks to HI, AK or Canada.
Q: How thick are your rocks? 1/4", 1/2" ????

A: The rocks are about 1/2" thick.
Q: I am thinking of ordering this rock as a photo prop. Is the rock durable to sit on?

A: Yes, all of the rock models can be sat on without any damage.

A: One 1.5" vent should be fine for this septic vent application.
Q: Will this fake rock fit over my front yard water well? It sticks up about 12"

A: It may work, but you would need to measure the diameter of the top of the well cap (diagonal measure across top) and then consult the interior dimension chart on this page.

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