DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 111 Fake Rock Cover


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DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 111 Fake Rock Cover

If hiding that ugly septic tank lid out in your yard is on your "To Do" list this Model 111 Mock Rock may be the perfect fit!  This model has septic lids quivering in fear of being forever blended into the natural landscape.  Let's face it.  When it comes to yard and landscape ugliness the septic tank is a tough act to follow.  This fake rock cover offers a fast and easy solution to those exposed septic tank blues. And the light weight design means moving these fake rocks off the tank is easy to do. No worries if the septic needs pumping or TLC, just pull out the included ground stakes, remove the faux rock and access the tank.

DekoRRa 111 Mock Septic Rock

Dekorra Mock Rock 111 Septic CoversIMPORTANT: Please use the interior dimension charts below for sizing information.

Homeowners with private sewer systems all face a similar dilemma, those ugly concrete and plastic septic risers poking up from under the ground for all to see. And the icing on the cake is that they always manage to be placed in the least desirable, and most obvious and easily seen areas of the yard. The Model 111 fake rocks were designed specifically to help homeowners camouflage these unattractive septic caps. The rounded shape makes it ideal for hiding a wide variety of tank diameters, both with and without electric junction boxes mounted on the side.

Model 111 features incredibly realistic colors and textures which are molded into the exterior walls of the mock rock, making it totally maintenance free. You will never have to paint this rock, or worry about it cracking or becoming damaged from string trimmers or any kind of wicked weather that mother nature throws its way. Advanced UV inhibitors are incorporated into the design, creating total protection against sun fade and sun damage.

The gritty, natural, and rugged appearance blends in well with any type of landscaping. And with for natural colors to choose from, it's easy to take the style that will blend in well with the natural surroundings in your yard. Durable ground stakes are included, and are easily placed through flanges molded into the base of the rock. This secures the edges to the ground, keeping the fake rocks in place on windy days.

This is the perfect fast and easy to use solution for hiding ugly septic tank risers and blending them into the landscape.

  • Made in USA of 100% recycled polymers.
  • Rugged string trimmer proof design will not crack or break.
  • Set it and forget it, fake rocks are fast and easy to use.
  • Total UV protection, can withstand any type of weather.
  • Maintenance free design never requires any TLC.
  • Hides ugly septic's while enhancing curb appeal and adding character to landscaping.
  • Includes ground stakes and may be ordered with optional vents.

Note: when covering any kind of septic component is important to consider proper venting. If the current cover on the septic riser is vented, then it's a good idea to vents the artificial septic rocks to allow for airflow. Vents can be purchased using the drop-down menu next to the add to cart button. They are installed prior to shipment, and will be painted to match the color of the rock. 

Dekorra Mock Rock 111 Faux Rocks
Fake Rocks Septic Covers Model 111

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Exterior Dimensions
ImportantPlease use the Interior Dimensions Chart to determine the size of object this model can cover.

Q & A (5)

Q: I'm looking to cover two septic tanks cover that ar 29 inches wide and about 11 inches tall, what would be the best model? Do I need the vents in the rock?

A: You could use the Model 103, or 111 as is, or the Model 112 with a couple inches soil/mulch under it. If the current tank has a visible vent in it then it's a good idea to vent the rock.
Q: I am looking at model 111 to cover our holding tank riser. I previously emailed and you have identified this model as one that would work as long as we build up the ground a bit higher. I'm looking at photos of this model and it appears that different colors seem to be slightly different shapes. Some look more natural shaped to me, and others look a little more "fake," as in more rounded and molded. Are there difference in shapes according to color? I would like to know exactly what I am getting before I order. Thanks

A: The Model 111 is only available in one shape regardless of color. When viewed from different angles, the same rock model appears different in shape. This is probably what you are seeing.
Q: Interested in getting something to cover up my Septic System. There is cement Riser that is 23 Inch H x 15 Inch W. I also have a tank cover that is a 27 inch circle. I would like to get something big enough to cover both but didn't know if that was possible? It would be 53 inch's Wide. Do you high something that big?

A: Yes but anything that wide would also be quite tall. Models 104 or 114 may work for this application.
Q: Are these safe for children and small animals to climb on? Thanks,

A: Yes indeed. They are very sturdy and do not have any sharp edges on them or any pieces that can break off etc.

A: Mary, yes you should probably vent that application. Two of the 1.5" vents would work well. Regarding the artificial rock sizing, the DekoRRa Model 111 would work as is, and the DekoRRa Model 112 would work if you place about 2 inches soil or mulch under it to boost its height a tad.

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