Dekorra Model 301C3 Backflow Protection Enclosure


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Dekorra Model 301C3 Backflow Protection Enclosure

Dekorra Model 301C3 Backflow Protection Enclosure

The Model 301C3 by DekoRRa is an ASSE Class III protection enclosure for backflow preventers and irrigation equipment. Designed to fit a variety of backflow preventers pressure vacuum breakers, RPZ valves and well pumps.  Creates a durable, insulated hot box of protection while the attractive rounded edges and subtle color blends nicely into the surrounding yard or landscaping.

The durable and attractive two piece polyethylene design snaps together to provide a tight, weatherproof seal.  Dual locking hasps with padlock tabs prevent vandals, critters and curious toddlers from gaining access. When unlocked the top of the enclosure lifts off easily for maintenance and inspection of integral interior components.

  • Affordable high quality protection cover
  • Fits a variety of pressure vacuum breakers, check valves, RPZ units
  • Fits many brands: Febco, Watts, Ames, Zurn - DCDA, PVB, DC formats.
  • Ultra durable, and easy to install.  Easy lift off cover provides quick inspection
  • Aesthetic design with natural green or tan colors blends well into the landscape
  • Dual locking hasps with padlock tabs provide excellent security

Backflow covers by DekoRRa are available in three class configurations and also as a CageView model allowing for easy visual inspection of the backflow preventer through the top side of the high quality and attractive housing.  All models come equipped with durable case anchors (for anchoring to either a concrete pad or lawn) and insect resistant foam filter media at the base sides of each unit. Theses are perfect for backflow preventer devices, check valves, valve gates, pumps and more.  Aesthetics, protection, and ease of use all in one affordable package!

Class I – Freeze protection.  Class I and I-V shall have a minimum thermal resistance value of eight and a positive means of heat. These units have been designed and constructed to maintain a minimum internal temperature of 40F

Class II – Freeze retardant. Class II and II-V shall have a minimum thermal resistance value of eight. These units have been designed and constructed to be installed in minimum external temperatures of 33F

Class III – Non-freeze protection. Class III and III-V are designed and constructed to provide system security for components when freezing temperatures are not a consideration.

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Exterior Dimensions
ImportantExterior Dimensions do not reflect the size of the object this unit can conceal. Please consult the Interior Dimensions Chart for details on coverage dimensions.

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