DekoRRa Model 117 Fake Rock Cable Box Cover


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DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 117 Fake Rock Cover

The DekoRRa Model 117 Mock Rock is best described as a cross between the Model 111 and Model 110 fake rocks.  It has a generous height and the rectangular shape provides a good amount of interior space all the way up to the top.  Superb for cable tv boxes, pumps, and other objects that need a good disguise!

Dekorra Model 117 Mock Rock Cable Box Cover
IMPORTANT: Please use the sizing charts below prior to ordering this Model 117 Mock Rock Enclosure.

Cable TV Box Cover Mock Rock 117The Model 117 fake rocks are the newest DekoRRa Mock Rock models on the block, and it has quickly proven itself as a top performer.  It's a real looker that's not afraid to cover up a wide variety of notorious yard and garden uglies.  The deep texturing on the edges, sides and on top give it a ton of character and hide it's rather squarish frame.  The top almost has a bit of a rounded boulder look to it.  It was originally designed to cover rectangular shaped objects like small utility boxes and cable tv boxes.  This it does extrememly well.  But it doesn't stop there.  Many a pump, backflow prevention device, propane tank, and irrigation valve has been effectively hidden under this gorgeous faux rock.

Vents can be added to the rock (free install and we paint them to match the rock color). When covering electric pumps vents are suggested as they allow for air flow through the enclosure. An R-13 Insulation bag may also be included with the rock for added freeze protection. All of these options can be toggled using the menus next to the add to cart button above.

The fact that it's available in 4 different natural colors is icing on the cake.  And all of the texturing and colorant is actually molded right into the exterior walls.  Zero chipping, zero fading, and no worries when the string trimmer comes by.  While it's not as high as the Model 110 or 116, this option offers more width to easily cover wider objects.

  • USA Made using recycled polymers.
  • Easy to use and light weight.
  • String trimmer proof and maintenance free.
  • Advanced UV protection, will not fade
  • Includes ground stakes.
  • Ultra durable polyethylene design.
  • Incredibly realistic faux rock appearance.

DekoRRa Mock Rock 117 Cable TV Box Enclosure
Fake Rock Cable TV Box Cover 117
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Exterior Dimensions
ImportantPlease use the Interior Dimensions Chart to determine the size of object this model can cover.

Q & A (5)

Q: Which rock do you recommend for covering a well head and pump that measures 40"long, 22"wide, and 26"high?

A: For something that size you would need the DekoRRa Model 104 Fake Rock.
Q: I have a water well head that is 18" high and with a diameter of 9" what rock do I need???

A: Best bet for that would be the DekoRRa Model 102
Q: My utility box is bigger 34" long 32" wide and 24" tall. Do you have anything that will cover it?

A: Yes, The DekoRRa Model 104 will work well for that:
Q: Can you give the Exact Interior dimensions of the Model !17 you recommend. I have tried to use the charts but can not figure them out.

A: The interior dimensions of all the rock models vary by height. For the Model 117 Artificial Rock for example an object that is 10" high can be max 36" Long and 15" wide and and object 14" high can be max 32" Long and 15" wide. If you look at the shape of these rocks, they all taper towards the top, so you lose interior room the higher up you go.
Q: Can this rock be installed on hinges. I need it to cover in-ground Propane tank cover. I will need easy access for monthly fill up.

A: Thanks for the inquiry. Yes, you could screw hinges into the bottom edges or the staking flanges at the base of the artificial rock.

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