Well House Covers

Fake Rock Well House Covers For Pumps & Pressure Tanks

Fake rock well house covers and pump house covers can be crucial for insulating and protecting water well installations from cold weather, theft, and tampering. Hide pressure tanks easily with these large non-insulated and insulated well pump house fake boulders and insulation bags.  Big pressure tanks and pumps require large, durable covers for protection from the elements and help them blend into the surroundings.  Each well house cover on this page is perfectly suited for a variety of applications where pumps and pressure vessels need to be enclosed, insulated and protected. In many cases it is best to cover the entire water well ensemble including all of the piping and pumps.  These large tank enclosures offer enough interior room to accompany most layouts containing irrigation water tanks, potable water tanks to large septic tank applications. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding any of these high quality well pump houses.

DekoRRa Model 104 Artificial Rock Boulder Cover

DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 104 Fake Rock Cover


Big, bold and beautiful the Dekorra Model 104 Mock Rocks have the girth and height to make large, un.....

Dekorra Model 114 Fake Boulder Cover For Pressure Vessels

DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 114 Fake Rock Cover


Finally a fast, easy, and affordable well pressure tank cover for residential and commercial propert.....

Frost-Meister Model 104 Mock Rock And Insulation Bag Combo

Frost-Meister Model 104 Mock Rock And Insulation Bag Combo


This FrostMeister Combo Includes One DekoRRa Model 104 Fake Boulder Cover and One DekoRRa Model 604 .....

Frost-Meister Model 114 Mock Rock And Insulation Bag Combo

Frost-Meister Model 114 Mock Rock And Insulation Bag Combo


This FrostMeister Combo Includes One DekoRRa Model 114 Fake Boulder Cover and One DekoRRa Model 614 .....

Well House Covers & Pressure Tank Insulation The Fast & Easy Way

Insulated Well House Cover & Pressure Tank InsulationThese large faux boulders make perfect well pump houses for people looking for simple and maintenance free ideas that look great! The light-weight design makes accessing the well components easy. One person can easily lift the boulder over on it's side, and two folks can lift it off with no problem. Well pump insulation and protection has never been easier!

Unique staking flanges are molded into the bottom edges of the rock walls.  Pounding the included ground stakes through these flanges pins the enclosure to the ground.  These flanges can also be used for concrete screws or tpit fasteners if your application requires fastening to a concrete pad.

Why build a wooden well house that costs a ton of money, and will rot, grow mold and mildew, fade in the sun and require repainting and other maintenance?  These big boulders are injection molded using a patented process called "Real-Rock" which produces incredibly thick, durable and realistic rock colors and textures.  And it's all molded into the walls along with U.V. inhibitors. Zero maintenance, zero sun fade, and incredible durability in any climate!  These are not flimsy enclosures by any means!  These are built to last. Rocksfast Product Info Blog  -  Rocksfast.com

The Perfect Well House Cover For Pumps And Pressure Tank Insulation & Protection

* Pro-R Insulation can be added at checkout.  This adds an R-Value of four.

Frostmeister pump house and insulation bag combos. These ship with the faux boulder of your choce and a large R-13 insulation pouch to place over the pressure tank before covering it all with the boulder.Well House Covers & Pump House Covers

Ventilation options. Vents can be ordered and installed in the fake rock well house covers. Vents are painted to match the rock color prior to installation.

Pump house covers available in: Autumn Bluff (AB), Fieldstone (FS), Sandstone (SS) and Riverbed (RB).

Finally a fast and easy way to hide and protect your outdoor well pump and pressure tank. Why spend all the time and money planning and building, painting and maintaining a wooden pump house when you can save so much time and money with one of these artificial boulder well house covers that simply flip right over the pressure tank and pump to provide protection and insulation? And accessing the pump and pressure tank underneath these well pump houses is easy. Simply pull the stakes out of the ground and lift the faux bolder off to one side for easy access. Just be careful, these fake rocks look so realistic you might forget where the well pump is!


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