Frost-Meister Model 102 Mock Rock And Insulation Bag Combo

Frost-Meister Model 102 Mock Rock And Insulation Bag Combo


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Frost-Meister Model 102 Mock Rock And Insulation Bag Combo

This FrostMeister Combo Includes One DekoRRa Model 102 Fake Rock Cover and One DekoRRa Model 602 R13 Insulation Pouch

This Money Saving Fake Rock And Insulation Bag Combo Adds Extra Protection From Cold Weather And Wind!
Help prevent costly damage from frost and cold weather.  A fast and easy solution to protect and beautify pumps, backflow devices and other utilities.

IMPORTANT: Please use the INTERIOR DIMENSIONS CHART to determine if this rock will work for your application.

The ultra realistic DekoRRa Model 102 Artificial Rock is an absolute beauty.  It really does look real! And the super durable DekoRRa R-13 Insulation Pouch provides a heavy dose of added cold weather protection. Add the Guardian Electric Heat Cable for even more cold weather protection.

Three Easy Steps Is All It Takes:

1) Slide the included R-13 Insulation Pouch over the device and fasten it down securely. (Each insulation pouch is equipped with durable metal grommets)

2) Position the heavy duty DekoRRa Artificial Rock Cover over the insulation pouch and device

3) Pound the included ground stakes through the holes in the artificial rock's patented security flanges.

About the Included DekoRRa Model 102 Fake Rock Cover
With it's squarish frame and subtle rounded edges the Model 102 a sure hit in any yard, garden, flower bed or landscape rock setting.  Perfect for well caps, and smaller pumps, valves, backflows and utility boxes.

About The Included DekoRRa Insulation Pouch
This premium quality DekoRRa backflow insulation pouch provides unmatched freeze protection for sprinkler backflow preventers, septic backflow preventers, vacuum breakers and check valves.   Extremely durable, U.V. resistant and designed to provide years of insulation and cold weather protection.



Exterior Dimensions
ImportantPlease use the Interior Dimensions Chart to determine the size of object this model can cover.

Q & A (2)

Q: Are the vents on the bag or rock and why do we need them? Also, on the rock color it's hard to tell which is which, we like the reddish brown, more realistic one and assume it is Autumn Bluff? Thanks

A: Vents are optional and are placed in the rock. Vents are used to provide air flow to cool electric pumps, or vent septics. Not all applications require vents. We've just added more images to the Model 102 FrostMeister page to better represent the colors as well.
Q: To what temperature will the model 102 fake rock and insulation bag protect a backflow device?

A: It really depends on different factors like wind, whether the water in the backflow device is moving or stationary etc. As a general rule the insulation bags are good for protecting situations where the temp dips below freezing for a couple hours at night etc. If you plan on relying on a bag for all winter freeze protection you would want to go with an electric heater as well.

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