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DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 113 Fake Rock Cover

Homeowners often find themselves staring day in and day out at those ugly green utility pedestals sticking up from the ground. Well, now there's a fast and easy solution to making them vanish once and for all. This DekoRRa model 113 Mock Rock is an outstanding choice for camouflaging these unattractive utilities. The 113 is a tall and handsome fake rock cover easily slipped over a wide variety of objects in the yard or garden landscaping.

DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 113 Fake Rocks

IMPORTANT: Please view the interior dimension charts below prior to ordering.
Dekorra 113 Telephone Pedestal Fake Rocks

When it comes to realism it's tough to beat the incredible textures and colors molded into the exterior walls of these high quality fake rocks. The rugged design feels gritty to the touch disliking actual rock does. And the color variation adds ton of natural realism.

The lightweight polyethylene design is extremely easy to use yet insanely durable and resistant to damage. Even string trimmers will not cause any scuffing on the surface of the rock walls. Advanced UV protectant prevents sun fade and any type of sun damage over time.

From subzero winters, to searing hot and humid summer heat these fake rocks can take it all. Now you can finally disguise unattractive utilities in your yard, garden, or landscaped area quickly and easily while adding character and curb appeal to your property. Available in your choice of four natural colors.

  • Included ground stakes provide protection and security from the wind. Will fool your neighbors, guaranteed.
  • Zero maintenance design, textures and colors are molded in, not painted on.
  • Totally UV protection, will never fade or delaminate from sun damage.
  • Super durable string trimmer proof exterior.
  • Lightweight design features a hollow interior for fast and easy use.
  • Mock Rocks constructed of recycled resins and made in the USA.
DekoRRa Mock Rock 113 Fake Rocks For Landscaping
Fake Rocks Cover Telephone Utility

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Exterior Dimensions
ImportantPlease use the Interior Dimensions Chart to determine the size of object this model can cover.

Q & A (5)

Q: Is there an insulation bag that can be purchased if using this rock?

A: Sorry but the DekoRRa Model 113 rock is too skinny for any bag to fit inside it.
Q: What are the interior dimensions of the model 113? My utility box is 13.5" X 13.5" by 33".74

A: The interior dimensions vary by height. You can see them here: Your dimensions are right at the upper edge of what the Model 113 Fake Rock can cover. Worst case scenario would be the utility box will contact the inside of the rock a bit. Shouldn't be a big deal, plus you could add some mulch under the rock to boost it's height a tad and remedy this as well.
Q: Just wondering how heavy the rocks are? We are looking for something to cover timers and outlets for a pond fountain to keep children away from it. Really would like to lock it up any suggestions to keep kids from pulling rock off of the equipment. Thanks Doris

A: They are fairly lightweight. The Model 113 weighs about 15 ponds. You could pour concrete pads an d use concrete anchors, or just pound some longer metal stakes into the flanges so it takes some work to remove the rock. This way kids can't lift them off.
Q: Does this come with stakes so I can tie down.

A: Yes, all of the DekoRRa rock models except Model 108 come with stakes which pound through flanges on the outer bottom edges of the rock. This provides superb stability.
Q: What is the interior dimension for Dekorra Model 113? Will it cover a tall water well riser?

A: Most likely, yes the 113 will work. But it's impossible to tell 100% without first measuring the well's height and diameter (diagonal measure across top) and then consulting the interior dimension chart.

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