Dekorra Model 114 Fake Boulder Cover For Pressure Vessels


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DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 114 Fake Rock Cover

Finally a fast, easy, and affordable well pressure tank cover for residential and commercial properties. This DekoRRa Model 114 Mock Rock pump house enclosure is available with or without insulation for added protection in cold weather. Cover, protect, and insulate water well pump components while blending them into the natural landscape with this beautiful and easy to use fake rock cover. All of the texture and colors are molded into the artificial rocks exterior walls, so ther is never a need to paint or resurface. And advanced U.V. protection prevents these Model 114 faux boulders from fading over time.

Fake Rocks Cover Well Tank

IMPORTANT: Please use the interior dimension information below for sizing details.Mock Rock 114 Well Pump House Boulder Cover

The model 114 mock rock is constructed of thick polyethylene designed to withstand extreme weather, intense sunlight, and impact damage from things like string trimmers and stones thrown from lawnmowers. Everything is molded into the exterior rock walls, the textures the colors and the UV protection. It's a zero maintenance design which will never require any painting, washing, or repair. Actual particles of organic material are molded into the walls of these fake rocks creating a gritty and rugged texturing with incredibly natural color variation.

Now you can quickly and easily disguise pumps and well pressure tanks as gorgeous faux rock landscape boulders. The hollow lightweight design can be tilted up and over by one person. This allows for easy access, inspection, and maintenance of components underneath the enclosure. Patented flanges molded into the base of the exterior walls are used as anchor points through which the included ground stakes are driven to secure the Boulder to the ground, protecting it from the wind.

Available with two types of additional insulation. The Pro-R version features a durable R4 insulation coating added to the interior during manufacture. This Pro-R option is only available in riverbed color fake rocks. An R13 insulation bag is also offered for even more protection from cold weather damage. The insulation bag is slipped over the pressure tank prior to installing the rock cover. Both of these options can be added using the dropdown menus next to the add to cart button.

  • A fast, easy, and affordable maintenance free well pump house boulder cover.
  • Thick polyethylene design offers incredible strength and durability.
  • Incorporated UV resistance prevents fading and sun damage.
  • Available in four natural colors.
  • Never requires painting, repair, or any kind of TLC.
  • Easily camouflage, insulate, and protect well pump systems.
  • Ground stakes are included for added security.
  • Green design (100% recycled resins), Made in USA

Dekorra Model 114 Mock Rock Well Cover
Mock Rock 114 Pump House Fake Rock Cover

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Exterior Dimensions
ImportantPlease use the Interior Dimensions Chart to determine the size of object this model can cover.

Q & A (4)

Q: how many pounds of snow will it hold?

A: Over 200 pounds would be a good estimate.
Q: Where is your store located?

A: We are internet only and have no storefront.
Q: What is the weight of the rock?

A: The DekoRRa Model 114 Artificial Boulder weighs about 45 pounds. Two people can easily lift it, and it's easy for one person to tilt it up and over should yo need to access what is underneath.
Q: How hard is this to remove from a well pump when the pump needs to be fixed etc?

A: Not hard at all. One person can unstake and lift one side to flip the artificial rock off the utility, or two people can easily lift the rock to remove.

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