DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 102 Fake Rock Cover

DekoRRa Model 102 Artificial Rock Cover


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DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 102 Fake Rock Cover

The Model 102 Mock Rock comes in and saves the day when it's little brother the Model 101 can't quite handle the task at hand.  With it's squarish frame and subtle rounded edges it's a sure hit in any yard, garden, flower bed or landscape rock setting.  These Model 102 fake rocks are perfect for well caps, and smaller pumps, valves, backflows and utility boxes.

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IMPORTANT: Please use the sizing charts below to confirm if these Model 102 fake rocks will work for your application.

If you're looking for an artificial rock enclosure that really does look real, then look no further. This rock features incredibly realistic texturing and colorant which will endure the elements without any fading or delamination for many years.DekoRRa Model 102 Mock Rock Fake Rocks Molding uniquely formulated ultraviolet inhibitors into the exterior walls provides total perfection against sun fade and UV weakening. These top grade enclosures will added flair and character to your yard landscape, while totally camouflaging whatever lies underneath.

Unlike other brands which appear fake and plastic, even from afar. These DekoRRa models are extremely realistic, and built to last.

Depending on the type of application, you may need to vent the rock. Vents can be added to your purchase using the drop-down menus next to the add to cart button. Any time an electric pump is being covered venting can be a good idea. We will install the vents and paint them to match your desired rock color free of charge. You can also add insulation to your purchase using the drop-down menus next to the add to cart button.

  • 100% recycled materials are used in manufacture.
  • Lightweight hollow design is easy to use. Incredibly durable and stick polyethylene walls.
  • String trimmer proof.
  • Totally UV resistant, will not fade.
  • Colorant and textures are all molded into the walls, not not sprayed or painted on.
  • Made in USA and totally maintenance free.
  • Hide ugly things in your yard while increasing curb appeal.
  • Ground stakes are included, vents and insulation may be added to purchase.

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Exterior Dimensions
ImportantPlease use the Interior Dimensions Chart to determine the size of object this model can cover.

Q & A (9)


A: The vents can be placed high or low on the rock, just type into order notes where you want them installed.
Q: I want to use this to cover the hose bib as well as the in ground water valve and a lot of unsightly items on a wall. Can I cut an opening so that I can still access the hose?

A: Yes, all of the DekoRRa fake rocks are easily cut with an electric hand saw, and cutting does not cause the exterior to chip or flake.
Q: Will the fake rock alone suffice to keep our well pipes from freezing, or do we need to add insulation? In our area the winter lows usually don't get below 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

A: If it's a standard underground water well and you are covering the riser then yes the rock alone would suffice. If it's a backflow valve exposed above ground then insulation would be a wise choice.
Q: what temperature is this rock good down to. 30 degrees? colder?

A: It was 20 below here in WI last winter and the rocks we have outside look good as new. They are extremely resistant to cold and heat.
Q: How does the well cover attach to the ground? (To avoid wind blowing it or to deter theft.) Thanks!!! Linda in Maine

A: Ground stakes are included with the rock. They are pounded through holes in flanges that are molded to the bottom edge of the fake rock cover. This pins it securely to the ground.
Q: It will be going on our front lawn, it gets sun all day, but we have cold winters. Should we put a vent or two ? Does it get hot enough to sweat?

A: Kim, thanks for the inquiry. The only applications where we recommend vents are when covering above ground electric pumps, utility boxes and septic system components that are externally vented.
Q: Will these rocks support children climbing on them?

A: Yes, the Model 102 Artificial Rock is extremely durable. And the polymer it is molded of is non-toxic and does not have any sharp edges or corners.
Q: What color is darkest?

A: Riverbed is the darkest color. It's dark grey with hints of black.
Q: Will this fake rock fit over my front yard water well? It sticks up about 12"

A: It may work, but you would need to measure the diameter of the top of the well cap (diagonal measure across top) and then consult the interior dimension chart on this page.

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