DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 110 Fake Rock Cover

DekoRRa Model 110 Rock Enclosure


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DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 110 Fake Rock Cover

If there were ever a competition for the "Best Backflow And Irrigation Component Fake Rocks" this would end up on the podium for sure. The Model 110 Mock Rock is a great looking faux rock specifically engineered to enclose a wide variety of backflow and irrigation layouts. It features two insulation upgrade options as well as ASSE approved configurations. PLUS it's a wonderful option as a house address rock. In fact if you go here you can view it for sale with different customized address plaques mounted on it. Very cool!

DekoRRa Mock Rock 110 Backflow Insulation Cover
IMPORTANT: Please use the interior dimension charts below for proper sizing.

Dekorra 110 Fake Rock Backflow CoverThese fake rocks feature a rectangular shape which is perfect for covering and protecting backflow valves and other types of irrigation components. A lengthy footprint allows for the piping usually incorporated in irrigation valve installations. Manufactured using the DekoRRa's "Real Rock" patented design process, the textures and color variations on the exterior are extremely convincing and create a totally rock-like appearance from any distance.

The exterior is gritty with deep texturing, all of which is molded into the walls for added durability. The maintenance free design will never require painting, cleaning, or any type of TLC. Even the UV inhibitors are molded into the rock walls, preventing sun fade from UV damage.

String trimmers, impact damage, brutal weather variations, nothing can phase these incredibly durable faux rocks. And with four natural colors to choose from, it's always easy to find the perfect match for your yard or commercial property. This model is also available with R-4 Pro R insulation which is only sold in riverbed color. The Pro-R insulation is added to the interior during manufacture. It is a solid, rubbery coating which will not rot or flake off like foam often does. For additional frost protection an R-13 insulation bag can be purchased to accompany (fits under) the rock. Electric heat is also offered. You can add these options using the drop-down menus next to the add to cart button.

- 100% Recycled Design.
- Fast and Easy To Use.
- Thickly Molded Walls Are Very Durable.
- Totally String Trimmer Proof.
- No Sun Fade Or U.V. Damage.
- Ships Complete With Stakes For Wind Protection.

DekoRRa Mock Rock 110 Faux Rocks
Artificial Rock 110 Mock Rock

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Exterior Dimensions
ImportantPlease use the Interior Dimensions Chart to determine the size of object this model can cover.

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