Well B Gone Well Pump Cover Kit WBG101

Well B Gone Well Pump Cover Kit WBG101


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Well B Gone Well Pump Cover Kit WBG101

Water Well Covers And Pump Cover Header

It's all included: the DekoRRa Faux Rock Cover, the DekoRRa Faux Border Edging and the Pre-Cut Weed Barrier Template! How many times have you looked out the window of your home and said to yourself "Geez that Water Well thing is UGLY!"?  Probably too many times to remember!  With this Well And Pump Cover Kit you'll be amazed at the difference!  It transform this infamous eyesore into a realistic rock and edging landscape accent that people will rave about! And We've Made It ...1 ... 2 ... 3 ... EASY For You! Everything you need is included in the fast and easy kit.  And it's all 100% top of the line commercial grade DekoRRa products! This kit includes:

  • A DekoRRa Model 101 Fake Rock Cover in the color of your choice
  • One set of 16 DekoRRa Faux Rock Border Stone Edgers (12 Linear Feet - Forms 52" Diameter Circle)
  • Pre-Cut Professional Grade 52" Diameter Fabric Weed Barrier
  • Durable Ground Stakes for the Fake Rock and Edging Stones

Each Edging Stone weighs 1 pound with dimensions of 10"L x 5"W x 4"H
It's all here in one easy to order, economical package that ships fast and free!  Here's how to order: 1) Measure the Height and Diameter of the Well (please measure diameter as a diagonal measurement spanning the widest part of the top of the well looking down on it from above) 2) Use this fitting guide to confirm the DekoRRa Artificial Rock Cover included in this Well Cover Kit Is large enough to cover your well ot pump.  Please keep in mind that you will most likely be adding mulch or stone under the rock and around the base of the well.  This will decrease the overall height by an inch or two.


    Exterior Dimensions
    ImportantPlease use the Interior Dimensions Chart to determine the size of object this model can cover.
    Height21" (Model 101 Rock)
    Length31" (Model 101 Rock)
    Width26" (Model 101 Rock)
    Individual Block Dimensions
    Block DimensionsEach edging block is 4" H x 5" W x 10" L
    Additional Info
    Product NotesKit Includes 1 DekoRRa Model 101 Rock Cover, 16 DekoRRa Edging Stone Blocks, 1 pre-cut weed barrier. This kit will create a 52" diameter ring around the well.

    Q & A (1)

    Q: Will this work over a vent pipe? We have a big ugly septic system vent pipe right in front yard.

    A: Yes, there's no problem using this kit on vent pipes. The Model 101 Artificial Rock that comes with this kit isn't particularly tall though. Be sure to check dimensions. It's also standard practice to include a vent in the rock when covering vent pipes.

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