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DekoRRa Faux Stone Border Edging

DekoRRa has done it again! The same award winning and patented "Real Rock" molding technology used to make the architectural grade rock enclosures is used on these flower bed border stones. The results are amazing!  Each stone border block is meticulously molded, producing results so realistic they need to be seen to be believed!  Get the look of real lawn edging stone without all the heavy lifting!

   - "Real Rock" Technology Produces Incredibly Realistic Colors And Textures
   - 16 Edgers Per Box Creates 12 Linear Feet Of Edging Or A 52" Diameter Ring
   - Unique design creates straight lines or curves using the same blocks
   - Each Edger Weighs 1 Pound With Dimensions Of: 10" L x 5" W x 4"H
   - Lightweight And Designed For Fast And Easy Application In A Variety Of Layouts
   - Ultra Durable, U.V. Fade-Proof And Built To Last A Lifetime
   - Create Professional Quality Landscaped Edging Economically And Efficiently
   - Use To Edge Gardens, Flower Beds, Paths, Trees And More!
   - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - If You Don't Like It Send It Back For A Full Refund
   - 100% Green And Made In The USA

The rough texturing is super realistic and decidedly rock like.  Look closely and you'll notice real flakes of organic material molded into the texture. Incredible attention to detail!  And the colors blend together with different shades and hues that appear totally natural and realistic.  These aren't the cheap, shiny plastic edgers we've grown accustomed to.  This is a whole new breed that's designed to satisfy even the most finicky of green thumbers.

As you know, real garden edging is heavy, difficult to work with and prone to cracking.  It's also a magnet for mold and mildew.  DekoRRa left these nasty traits by the wayside and combined the look, feel and texture of natural rock in a lightweight package that is ultra durable, totally U.V. proof, mildew resistant and an absolute joy to work with!   Each piece fits snugly together with included ground stakes - easily adjusted to allow for corners and bends.  Unique angle cut edges can create straight lines or curves using the same pieces.  Now anyone can create a professional lawn or garden landscape that practically installs itself!  Now your stone edging ideas and landscaping stone ideas can become reality.

It's the best of both worlds with the added benefit of rugged durability.  You can kick them, hit them with the weed-wacker, or even stand on them and dance a little jig - they'll look as good as the day you pulled them from the box.  Sold in boxes of 16 pieces, each boxes produces 12 linear feet of edging..

Q & A (15)

Q: How do you curve the rock boarder ?

A: They are designed to form a straight line or a curve. Curves are created by turning the edger around so the edge angles match. It's a clever design that looks great and is easy to use.
Q: I need to create a 15'15" perimeter circle... can you use two packs of stone edgers to achieve this or will the angle of the slant on the stone not allow a circle larger than 12'?

A: Yes this can be achieved by off setting the edgers a tad. It won't look perfect but it will still work very well and hardly be noticeable once mulch is added.
Q: How many faux edging stones come in a box?

A: Each box is 16 edging blocks for 12 linear feet of landscape edging.
Q: Do I have to remove the the edger if I weed eat?

A: No, these are very durable and will laugh at weed eaters! They are also extremely fade resistant.
Q: I love your product, but need a stone in the 6 to 8-inch height. Any possibility you'll be expanding to that in the next year?

A: I'm sorry but there are no immediate plans to offer faux stone edgers at different heights.
Q: We have very cold winters here. Would I need to remove in the fall, or can they withstand ice cold temperatures?

A: Yes, the Faux Stone Edging Blocks are designed to withstand both hot and cold temps. We have several that have survived Wisconsin winters no problem
Q: What is the dimension of each stone?

A: Each Edger Weighs 1 Pound With Dimensions Of: 10" L x 5" W x 4"H
Q: Checking the photos I can not see a place for anchors and need to know where they are anchored and how many achors do you send with each stone Are they anchored on inside or on both inside and outside

A: The anchors are placed through small holes on opposite edges of the front side lip near the bottom. Autumn Bluff is a reddish/orange color, and sandstone is more of a tan color.
Q: Checking your stones and interested but may need to make a 90 degree angle What is done about that

A: Making a 90 degree turn is possible if you cut a block to fit square against the side of another.
Q: What are the length of the stakes that anchor the edging?

A: The faux stone edgers ship with anchors that are about 6" long.

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