DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 101 Fake Rock Cover

DekoRRa Model 101 Well Pump Rock Cover


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DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 101 Fake Rock Cover

The Dekorra "RealRock" Model 101 Mock Rock is a great option for covering a variety of objects.  While the edges are slightly shallow, the domed center area allows a good amount of room for coverage.  The rounded edges of these fake rocks really blend well into landscaping and compliments flower beds.  It even looks great and totally natural as a garden, yard or landscape accent!  A superb choice for covering well pumps and it's now available in four beautiful colors!

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IMPORTANT: Please use the sizing charts below to confirm if the DekoRRa Model 101 fake rocks will work for your application.

DekoRRa Mock Rock 101 Fake RocksDo you need vents or insulation? With vents in place, air is able to move through the rock. If you're covering an electric pump or certain types of septic installations then venting may be a good idea. Vents are installed free of charge, and are painted to match the color of rock. Insulation is also available. You can add a R-13 insulation bag to your purchase, or choose the Pro-R insulated rock which provides an R-value of 4, only available in the riverbed color.

These rock enclosures look incredibly realistic from any distance. And over time, as they become dirty from the elements, they actually look better and better. Yes, you read that right, there looks actually get better with age!
Advanced ultraviolet inhibitors are actually molded into the sides of the rock walls. This provides a ton of UV protection, and protects from color fade. Now you can add curb appeal while protecting in hiding those ugly utilities in your yard.

Unlike other less expensive brands on the market, these really do look like natural rocks. Ask yourself, "Do I really want to cover and ugly object in my yard with a fake rock that is obviously not real and made of plastic?" No way! With this DekoRRa product you'll be adding character to your yard while disguising those unattractive utilities once and for all under hollow rocks that really do look real!

You deserve the best!

  • Constructed of 100% recycled plastics
  • lightweight hollow rocks are simple to use.
  • Thickly molded walls provide excellent strength.
  • String trimmer from an extremely durable.
  • Total sun protection, will not fade.
  • All the colorant and texturing is molded in, not sprayed or painted on.
  • As curb appeal while adding character to your yard.
  • Includes high-strength stakes for wind protection.
Dekorra Model 101 Mock Rock Cover

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Exterior Dimensions
ImportantPlease use the Interior Dimensions Chart to determine the size of object this model can cover.

Q & A (4)

Q: I would like to have some boulders bordering my landscaping around my pool. It will take approx 20 of them I believe. What kind of discount for that large of order.

A: Please send us your shipping address and a list of the Dekorra fake rock enclosures that you wish to purchase and we will gladly put a quote together for you.
Q: Will any one of these rocks work better then another to cover a tree stump that has not been ground down?

A: Any Model will work well for that as long as the rock is large enough to cover the stump. You might want to email us stump dimensions prior to ordering so we can recommend some models for you.
Q: Do you only get the quantity discount if you order two or more of the same rock or do you receive a discount if you order eight to ten different rocks?

A: The quantity discount prices listed are for multiples of the same rock model. We do offer quantity discounts on purchases of a variety of rock models. Please contact us with your shipping address and desired rock models and quantities to receive a quote.
Q: Will this fake rock fit over my front yard water well? It sticks up about 12"

A: It may work, but you would need to measure the diameter of the top of the well cap (diagonal measure across top) and then consult the interior dimension chart on this page.

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