DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 103 Fake Rock Cover

Dekorra Model 103 Fake Boulder Cover


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DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 103 Fake Rock Cover

The DekoRRa "RealRock" Model 103 is one big faux boulder!  This isn't your average slingshot fodder or skipping stone.  The Model 103 is ready to take that ugly septic cover, pump, backflow or utility box and cover it in over 56" of realistic color and texture!  Pumps, vents, utility boxes, septic can run...but you WILL HIDE AND YOU WILL LIKE IT!

Large Fake Rocks Covers

IMPORTANT: Consult the sizing charts below for details on interior dimensions of the Model 103 Mock Rocks.

Large Mock Rock CoversFake Boulder model 103 is a bit of a jack of all trades. It sports a really slick rounded boulder look, which seems to find a home in almost any type of natural setting. We haven't seen a yard or landscaped area yet that doesn't make a good home for these mock rocks.

The rounded shape is ideal for large septic risers, small to medium utility boxes, backflow devices, irrigation valves, cable TV boxes, and a variety of other yard, garden, and landscape utilities.

The texturing on the exterior is ultra realistic and really does provide the appearance of authentic stone. If you look closely you can see little flakes of organic material embedded into the molding. This adds ton of realism, and gives the service a gritty and textures feel.

Advanced UV inhibitors are molded into the rock walls along with the colorant. This creates a totally maintenance free product which will not fade or become brittle in the sun. There's no flaking, delamination, peeling, or any type of repainting necessary at any time.

Extreme durability is also part of the equation. The thick polyethylene material will not crack, or break, even in extreme heat or bone chilling cold. Commercial grade fake rocks designed to last a lifetime.

  • Environmentally responsible design includes 100% recycled plastics
  • Hollow shape is lightweight and easy to use.
  • Thickly molded exterior provides excellent durability.
  • Impact resistant, and string trimmer proof.
  • Advanced UV fade proof design prevents sun fade.
  • Colors and textures are molded into the interior walls.
  • Hide ugly utilities while adding flair and curb appeal.
  • Sturdy ground stakes are included with each DekoRRa Mock Rock.
Dekorra Mock Rock 103
Dekorr Mock Rocks 103

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Exterior Dimensions
ImportantPlease use the Interior Dimensions Chart to determine the size of object this model can cover.

Q & A (2)

Q: What is the weight of this product?

A: The DekoRRa Model 103 Artificial Boulder weighs about 30 pounds. Two people can easily lift it, and it's easy for one person to tilt it up and over should yo need to access what is underneath.
Q: I have a couple of questions the first being since I live in centeral Alberta Canada where the winter months are extremely long and cold. How does your product with stand the cold climate weather ie. -40 fegrees celcus and aprox 4 feet of snow on top of the product.

A: Yes, the DekoRRa Artificial rocks are made of a thick polymer which will not become brittle or weaken from UV rays and freeze/thaw cycles.

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