DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 116 Fake Rock Backflow Cover

Dekorra Model 116 Artificial Rock Enclosure


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DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 116 Fake Rock Backflow Cover

When it comes to covering, insulating and protecting irrigation components such as backflow prevention valves it's tough to beat this DekoRRa Model 116 Mock Rock enclosure. Like most backflow installations this rock is tall with a decent amount of length to accomodate a variety of different residential and commercial backflow protection devices. These fake rock backflow covers can fit a variety of different backflow valve sizes and configurations. Flanges at the base of these fake rocks allow for fast and easy installation with the included ground stakes, or use them as concrete anchor points if the 116 mock rock is being fastened to a concrete pad.

DekoRRa Model 116 Mock Rock Backflow Cover

DekoRRa 116 Fake Rock Backflow Covers

This model is the big brother to the smaller Model 110 fake rocks. This can handle larger backflow installations all the way up to 2 inch sizes depending on the height, length, and width of the components.

IMPORTANT: Please use sizing information below prior to ordering these fake rock backflow covers.

Much better than fiberglass, the polyethylene construction offers incredible strength, durability, and resistance to all types of weather. UV damage protection is molded into the exterior walls along with textures and colors. Nothing is sprayed or painted on. This is a totally maintenance free Mock Rock designed for years of worry free service.

Available with a variety of insulation and electric heat options. The Pro-R option adds a R4 insulation coating to the interior. This option is added to the fake rocks during manufacture and is only available in riverbed color. The 116 Mock Rock can also be purchased with a R13 insulation bag which is slipped over the backflow device under the rock. Electric heat tape is also available for added freeze protection.

Any of these options can be added using the drop-down menus next to the add to cart button. This enclosure is available in four natural colors, and it includes ground stakes for added security. The stakes are pounded through special flanges molded into the base. These flanges could also be used to anchor the enclosure to a concrete pad if necessary.

  • Ideally suited for covering and protecting backflow irrigation valves.
  • Extremely durable polyethylene design is much better than fiberglass.
  • Texturing and colorant is molded into the exterior walls.
  • Total maintenance free design, will never require upkeep for TLC.
  • Easily removed for quick backflow valve inspection.
  • Available in all three ASSE classifications.
  • Flanges molded into bottom serve as anchor points.
  • Includes ground stakes (or use your own concrete anchors)
  • Fake rocks Made in the USA of 100% recycled materials.
  • Available with R4 or R13 insulation and electric heat.
Dekorra Model 116 Mock Rock Backflow Insulation Cover
Fake Rock Backflow Cover Model 116

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Exterior Dimensions
Important Please use the Interior Dimensions Chart to determine the size of object this model can cover.

Q & A (1)

Q: In the Model 116. Can the location of the 3 - 3" louvered vents be specified? I would like the vents to be 6 inches from the bottom to the center of the vent, with one vent on each of the long sides & one vent on a short side.

A: Yes, just indicate vent placement in the order notes upon checkout.

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