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Buy DekoRRa 2015 Fake Rocks Online

If you're looking for Mock Rock covers that actually look like the real thing, are easy to put in place, and will not fade in the sun or become brittle over time, then you have come to the right place. Here at we only sell top quality USA made products, and this line of DekoRRa Mock Rocks is no exception.

Whether you are a home owner wanting to hide an ugly well, septic, or utility box or a commercial property owner with a series of irrigation valves needing protection, we have the right enclosure for the job.

The 2015 line of DekoRRa fake rocks is in stock and ready for fast shipping.  From the smallest vent pipe or outlet, to extra large water well pressure tank and pump assemblies, we've have the perfect artificial rock enclosure for your application. All the models (except the Model 108 pond skimmer rock) feature unique flanges molded into the exterior side walls.  The included ground stakes are easily pounded through the flanges to pin the walls to the ground.  This offers excellent protection from the wind, and is a feature unique to DekoRRa.  We've also expanded our line of the Frostmeister faux rocks and insulation bag combos.  With the brutal cold much of the southern U.S. experienced this winter we are seeing a need for more insulation options for backflows and other freeze sensitive applications.

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Many customers ask "How do I choose the right size faux rock." And we are always glad they ask, because usually those who do not ask are the customers needing to enquire about returns in the future.

How Do I Hide My Water Well?
This is a question we are always happy to address.  But it's not a one size fits all type of answer. It depends on the height of the well, and it's dimensions at the base and the top. Is there a pressure tank and exposed pump? Or is it just a well riser with the pump located underground?  Answering questions regarding what type of faux boulder to use over wells is greatly dependant on these different variables.



Brand New DekoRRa Fake Rock Model 117

Faux Rock Model 117The newest member of the DekoRRa rock enclosure family has officially been introduced: The Model 117.  It was originally designed to cover cable TV boxes but it's also seeing lots of action hiding electric water pumps, backflows, irrigation components, small utility boxes and more.  It has a height of 21", a length of 42" and a width of 24".  Those are just the rough exterior dimensions though, please use the interior dimension charts for proper coverage sizing.

This new 117 Model fake rock has been getting rave reviews from customers who really seem to like it's rectangular boulder-esque shape with ample interior space for hiding things underneath.  It features some extremely realistic textures on the sides and top too, and it's available in Fieldstone (FS), Riverbed (RB), Sandstone (SS) and Autumn Bluff (AB) color selections.
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