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DekoRRa Deck & Patio Waterfall Fountain Pond

Available Colors: English Castle (EC), Tuscan Villa (TV), Sedona Sunset (SS)

Dimensions: 62"L x 46" W x 16"H
Weight: 59 LBS

  • Fast And Easy Set Up
  • Includes Pump (120v) and Hardware
  • Gorgeous Tuscan Texture And Colors
  • Plant And Koi Safe
  • Patented "RealRock" Molding Process
  • Fade-Proof, Ultra UV Resistant Design
  • Thickly Molded Basin Is Extremely Durable
  • Generous 86 Gallon Capacity
  • Made In USA

This easy install garden waterfall and container pond combo ships with everything you need for fast and easy above ground ponds on any deck, patio, courtyard, or even inside as a classy and unique indoor pond.  The patented "RealRock" molding process is used on these to create a gorgeous Tuscan stucco texture that adds venetian flair to any natural setting. Sets Up In Minutes: Place It, Fill It, And Plug It In! Please browse the photos above to see for yourself the beautiful textures and shades of colors molded into these water features.  Truly amazing!  And these are totally fish and plant safe!  They make perfect above ground koi ponds, and the bubbling waterfall creates plenty of aeration, keeping oxygen levels high.  The tiered waterfall design creates a nice little shaded area for the Koi to escape the sun.  It's perfect!  A fast and easy way of adding character to any garden area, patio, deck, courtyard, or wherever indoor ponds are needed!

And for areas where container ponds are seasonal, this is easily drained and moved off the deck or patio for quick and painless winter storage. If you are looking for above ground pond ideas, this is a perfect option.  The same attention to detail and rugged design that DekoRRa builds into their line of architectural grade landscaping rocks is used in making these gorgeous water features.  It's an ultra durable, lightweight, and simply gorgeous pond and waterfall combo that people will rave about!  Many customers use these outside during spring and summer when the weather is warm, and in the winter they move it indoors, creating a gorgeous indoor water feature.  Otherwise these can be used seasonally and are easily drained and stored during cold winter months.  Cleaning the side walls is extremely easy.  Warm soapy water and a sponge is all it takes.  Or simply blast it with a hose.

The zero maintenance design means you'll never have to worry about painting or refinishing the surface of the pond.  All of the texture, colorant, and U.V. protectant is molded into the walls during the manufacturing process.  This creates and incredibly durable and attractive resin finish that will not fade in the sun, and will not chip or flake over time.


Exterior Dimensions

Q & A (16)

Q: do you have any idea how much the pond weighs when it is filled? thank you! -Annapurna

A: Filled with water it would weigh about 745 pounds.
Q: What are the interior dimensions of the DekoRRa Deck & Patio Waterfall Fountain Pond? Does it need to be treated before putting gold fish in it? Thanks,

A: Felipe, the listed dimensions are Available Colors: English Castle (EC), Tuscan Villa (TV), Sedona Sunset (SS) Dimensions: 62"L x 46" W x 16"H Weight: 59 LBS I believe those are the exterior dimensions though. I can measure the inside area of one tomorrow if you would like. No treatment is necessary prior to putting fish in the water. These ponds are very popular and customers love them!
Q: can you get it without the water fall feature? would like a fountain feature instead.

A: Yes, it can be purchased without the waterfall or pump.
Q: Can a heater be attached to this - as I live in CO and would like to keep it outside year round.

A: Yes, any small pool portable hot tub heater would work. The moving water alone from the pump and flowing waterfall also prevents freeze.
Q: Hello, Would it be possible to have to fountains on it? If so, how much more would that cost? Also, just curious here, would it be possible to get the pond double in size? Thank you for your time and help.

A: Sorry but it is only available in the one size with the one fountain.
Q: I know the answer on in the Q&A section but I just want to make sure. So the above ground pond Product Code RF210-WF $559.99 can be left outside with fish during the winter without it being damaged? We live in El Paso, TX I would probably add an air disc diffuser atrached to an external water pump for extra aeration. Thank you.

A: Yes that is correct. The RF210 is constructed of the same durable materials as the DekoRRa faux landscaping rocks. They can bake in the sun or sit out in sub zero cold with no ill effects on appearance or construction.
Q: I need the pond part but not the pump. Do you sell the pond without the pump? How much would just the pond cost?

A: Yes, you can buy the pond alone with no pu,p.
Q: Does this pond come with a filter or a ultra-violet filter?

A: There is a filter inside the pump but it is not ultra violet.
Q: Is it possible to put a filtration system inside the waterfall feature?

A: The pump has a basic filter. For more advanced filtering you could add a pre-filter to the pump.
Q: How many gallons is this DekoRRa Deck & Patio Waterfall Fountain Pond?

A: The Waterfall Pond holds 86 gallons.

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