DekoRRa Fountain Rock - Deck & Patio Water Feature

DekoRRa Fountain Rock - Deck & Patio Water Feature


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DekoRRa Fountain Rock - Deck & Patio Water Feature

This is an absolute beauty of a Deck and Patio Fountain Water Feature!  Everything is included:  the pump, tube, fittings etc.  It's sets up super quick and easy!  Just fill it, plug it in to any 110 outlet and enjoy!  The gorgeous rock texture and colors are truly remarkable.  Super realistic even from only a few paces away! Large size makes it great for a variety of outdoor areas: 35"L x 25" W x 12"H


  • Pump And Tubing Included (110v)

  • Fast and Easy Setup - Just Fill With Water and Plug It In!

  • Gorgeous Realistic Rock Colors and Textures

  • Made With DekoRRa's Patented "RealRock" Technology

  • Deep Water Basin Holds Over 2 Gallons

  • Lightweight Yet Extremely Durable

  • Made In USA

Fountain Rock Deck Patio Fountain ColorsWe went to great lengths in photographing this rock fountain and included some real nice zoom shots to get you up close and personal.  In a couple of the photos you can actually see the little flakes of organic material that the manufacturer uses when making these.  In fact when the light hits these just right sometimes they actually sparkle like the little chips of formica sparkles in real granite.

A fountain rock without water doesn't babble much at all.  That's why the designers included an extra deep basin in the Model 310 (and yes we've also included a close-up photo of the water basin for you to get a detailed look at).  Fill and forget, that's what the designers were shooting for.  Dump over 2 gallons of water in plug it in to a 110v outlet and walk away smiling.  You need to focus on keeping your margarita glasses full, not the basin of your deck or patio fountain.  And speaking of margaritas, if you have to many and accidently stumble into this you won't have to worry about a thing.  The sturdy, scuff-resistant sidewalls are designed to take a beating.  In fact even weed wackers fail at damaging these tough U.V. resistant water features.
So what could possibly make these any more enticing?  How about the fact that they are available in four different totally natural colors?  These will surely enhance any yard, patio, garden or landscape.  They ship ready for fast and easy place placement with the pump included. Simply set it where you want it, fill it with water, plug in it and enjoy!

Colors: Fieldstone (FS), Riverbed (RB), Sandstone (SS), Autumn Bluff (AB)
Dimensions: 35"L x 25" W x 12"H



Exterior Dimensions
Width25" W

Q & A (2)

Q: How deep is the water well? Will the "rock" be damaged if water is left in the well and it freezes?

A: It is not recommended to let water freeze solid in the pond.
Q: Hello, is the pump included with this? And how durable are the side walls? Would a string trimmer damage it?

A: Yes, everything is included. Just fill it with water and plug it in to any standard outlet. You can go nuts on it with a string trimmer and no harm will be done. The faux rock is very durable and fade proof.

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