Well Pump Pressure Tank Insulation Bag Blanket 60"L x 48"H DekoRRa 604

DekoRRa Model 604 Well Pressure Tank & Backflow Insulation Bag


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Well Pump Pressure Tank Insulation Bag Blanket 60"L x 48"H DekoRRa 604

Big, expensive pressurized well tanks can need serious freeze protection in cold climates.  This large sized thermal insulation cover is designed to insulate pressure tanks while providing protection from the elements. These premium quality commercial grade DekoRRa insulated bags provide unmatched freeze and U.V. protection that's fast and easy to install and remove for maintanence or inspection of the components underneath.

  •     Available in a natural green color  
  •     Extreme U.V. protection
  •     R-13 insulation value
  •     Durable & Easy To Install

DekoRRa Model 609 Backflow Insulation Pouch - Other Backflow Insulation Pouch Sizes - Home


Exterior Dimensions
ImportantWhen Measuring Length And Height Of Backflow Please Add 3 Inches To Each Measurement Total Before Selecting Bag Size

Q & A (1)

Q: Is this bag sufficient insulation by itself for 10 degree weather, without needing additional insulation?

A: It's tough to say. It depends on factors like wind, what's being covered, how long temp is at 10 degrees etc.

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