Pipe Insulation Heating Cable For Metal/Plastic Pipes


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Pipe Insulation Heating Cable For Metal/Plastic Pipes

The Guardian  electric heating cable system is available in 6' or 12' feet lengths. The unit is shipped pre-assembled and is very easy to use. Intended for installation on metal or plastic pipes for freeze protection. Heating cables come complete and ready to use with 30 inch power cord and plug. This commercial grade cold weather pipe heating system is made with extremely durable materials to insure continuous heat and protection from freezing.  Frozen solid metal or plastic pipes is a recipe for disaster as this often causes the pipe to break and rupture which can lead to extensive water damage.  Protect your pipes from freezing with the dependable Guardian metal and plastic pipe heating system!

    - Available in two sizes: 6 foot pipe heating cord and 12 foot pipe heating cord
    - Generous 30 inch power cord with plug on both models
    - Durable "Commercial Grade" construction
    - High quality components built for years of performance
    - Freeze protection for interior or exterior pipes
    - Prevents metal and plastic pipes from freezing
    You can count on THE GUARDIAN to keep your pipes warm!

Q & A (2)

Q: Can this cable be used on a 3/4" schedule 40 PVC condinsate drain line for a furnace that will drain outside?

A: Probably but best to check with the furnace MFG.
Q: I have a propane heating system and one of the propane regulators keeps freezing up because of water droplets freezing up once we are below 32 degrees . The regulator is outside and unprotected . Would this be able to be safely wrapped around the regulator and pipes to keep the water droplets from freezing ? Would the amount of heat being put out be enough ? Would I need to cover or enclose the regulator with a large plastic box to retain the heat? Do you have or know of a product made to go over the regulator to keep it fro freezing? Does the product have a thermostat to turn it off when the temperature is above freezing?

A: Leo, I would recommend talking with the propane regulator MFG before wrapping any kind of electric heat source around or near them.

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