Backflow Covers For 1″ Backflows

Backflow covers and insulation can be very important for homeowners with 1″ backflow irrigation or potable water protection systems. Manufacturers like Wilkins, Febco, Conbraco, Zurn, Watts, and others make 1″ valves for a variety of applications and in a number of different design types.

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1" inch backfow valve hotbox coverRegardless of the make of valve, if you live in an area where temperatures can dip below freezing there may be a need for some type of backflow protection to avoid freezing pipes, or even worse, a broken valve housing or leaking internals. It doesn’t take much frozen water to render a backflo utility useless or unable to properly prevent water from moving in the opposite direction should a low pressure situation occur.

Backflow Covers For 1″ Size Are Quite Popular

With the 1″ pipe size one of the most popular with plumbers in residential home builds, the need for backflow covers for the 1″ size is great. The good news is, it doesn’t really matter what make of valve gate you might have in your yard. The backflow enclosures we mention here will work on any brand, as long as the enclosure is large enough. Which gets us to the most important part of the process, measurements!

It’s important to realize that no two backflow valve installations are the same. Plumbers are faced with different building codes, environmental conditions, landscape restrictions etc which can affect the overall size of the unit once it has been soldered on the piping. In other words, there is no one backflow cover that will fit all 1″ preventer valves and piping. The size of the enclosure needed is based entirely on the installation.

Because of this, measuring the height, length and depth is crucial to knowing how large of an enclosure is needed. With these dimensions written down, one can then look for different sizes of backflow covers to determine what options exist. It’s important to look beyond the exterior dimensions of an enclosure and look instead at the amount of room inside at a specific height. Just because the base is 15″ Wide by 40″ Long doesn’t mean there is the same amount of interior space available inside the enclosure at 18″H, for example.

And, if you are looking at insulated backflow covers, consider the thickness of the insulation, and how much space it is going to take up inside the case. While most insulation material is fluffy and can be compressed to a point, it’s still going to take up some space and needs to be considered when shopping backflow covers for 1″ backflows, or any size for that matter.
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