Best Belt Knife Sharpeners & Stones

Belt knife sharpeners will always play a vital role in producing impressively sharp edges. They will always come in handy in reducing the time and effort it takes to grind such quality belt knife sharpeners for sale

But why would you use a belt knife sharpener? Well, they are relatively fast. Besides, they will work excellently with heavy-duty blades that could be hard to sharpen by hand.

Top rated commercial belt sharpeners are often used by businesses where knife sharpening is commonplace. Restaurants, butcher shops, meat markets and other businesses all require the dependability of the best professional belt knife sharpeners incorporating the following:

  • A powerful electric motor driving the belt;
  • An easy to change sharpening belt for fine, medium and coarse sharpening;
  • Safety features to help protect hands and fingers;
  • A sturdy base that prevents vibration and slipping;
  • All metal main drive gears for added durability;

Here are some of the best belt knife sharpeners you should consider to buy:

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

1. Work Sharp & Tool Belt Sharpener

If you are looking for a product that guarantees you of interchangeable angle guides, this should be your option. Usually, it allows you to sharpen your blade at the angles of 40 and 50  degrees for kitchen and outdoor knives, respectively.

This product also comes with flexible abrasive grit belts. These belts are replaceable, and you can rely on them for coarse, fine, and medium sharpening.


  • Allows you to sharpen quickly
  • Guarantees sharp edges
  • No extra skill needed to operate it


  • Not ideal for short blades
  • Relatively costly

Our Rating: (5/5)



Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition

2. Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition 

The Ken Onion Edition features an adjustable sharpening guide. This way, you will produce precise edge bevels between the angles of 15 and 30 degrees. It also comes with a variable speed motor.

You will also appreciate its abrasive yet flexible belts. They are vital in delivering sharp convex edges.


  • Fast and precise sharpening
  • Sharpens a variety of edges, including gut hooks, edge tools, serrations, and scissors
  • Durable


  • Relatively less affordable to some

Our Rating: (4.5/5)



Work Sharp WSSAKO81112 Blade Grinder Attachment

 3. Work Sharp Commercial Belt Knife Sharpener

The crafting of the WSSAKO81112 is reliant on materials of the highest quality. Its variable speed control will play a critical role in an improved sharpening of your items.

With this product, you will easily put precise edges on your blades. Besides, it comes with five abrasive belts. Its angle lever, as well as center distance, are adjustable.


  • It is relatively simple to use
  • Gives you the sharpest edges
  • It is both precise and controllable


  • Not ideal for hard edges
  • Belt-tracking could be a challenge

Our Rating: (4/5)



DIY Mini Belt Sander Knife Apex Edge Sharpener Polishing Machine Grinding Machine 7 Speed Power Supply Power Belt Sanders Power Tools Sanders

4. DIY Mini Belt Sander Knife Apex 

This product is both tiny and mini. This way, you will be free to use it from wherever you are, conveniently so.

Its motor is strong enough to assure you of easily grinding metals, acrylic, wood, among other materials. You will also be confident of getting complete CNC machining.


  • Guarantees you high precision
  • Does not produce too much noise
  • Its workbench is freely adjustable
  • Comes with reliable torque despite its small size


  • Might not be ideal for bigger blades
  • Could get hot or even smoke in certain instance

Our Rating: (5/5)



Diy Mini Belt Sander Electric Knife Apex Edge Sharpener Sanding Machine Belts Adapter Polisher Kits 7 Speed Diy Polishing Grinding Machine Power Tools Sander

5. DIY Mini Industrial Belt Knife Sharpener

This product adopts a unique noise reduction design that is vital in protecting your ears when working. It comes with an eccentric wheel that allows you to adjust the belt.

Besides, you will also be free to change its table angle. You will also find its 7-speed adjustment quite reliable.


  • Made of high-quality materials and thereby durable
  • Guarantees complete CNC machining
  •  Assures you of convenience


  • It has no instruction book
  • Could be relatively small for some people


Our Rating: (5/5)


Premium belt knife sharpeners offer a fast and easy means of putting nice sharp edges on blades in a big hurry. With the right commercial or professional belt knife sharpening system a person can easily sharpen dozens of blades in an hour.

While sharpening speed is always dependent on the person actually doing the work, a high quality belt sharpener can be a huge time saver compared to manual sharpeners which can be very slow. For example, even the best rated axe sharpening stones are 10x slower than a belt sharpening device.

Often, you will find it quite taxing to sharpen your knives or edges without the right device. With these belt knife sharpeners, you will be good to go. While this list is inconclusive, it gives you insights on the best options at hand. Ensure that you choose one that offers you value for your money.

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