The Best Fake Rock Well Covers

Practically anyone living out in the country or in the suburbs who don’t have city water is going to have a private water well. These modern marvels are bored deep into the earth where fresh water can be pumped up and into a home through a pressurized system that provides fresh water whenever a faucet is turned on.

It’s a wonderful thing indeed!

What’s not so wonderful, however, is the ugly metal water well riser that sticks up from the ground. Some extend only a few inches while many can rise up several feet above the ground. Tall rusty metal pillars of curb appeal killing ugliness that homeownersfake rock well covers are forced to look at day in and day out.

Luckily, DekoRRa has introduced some fake rock covers that are specifically designed to fit over a wide variety of water well risers and caps. Here’s a quick rundown of the best options currently available.

– DekoRRa Mock Rock Cover Model 101: Designed with a rounded boulder shape, the 101 model is best suited for water well risers under 16 inches tall. While the rounded boulder shape helps it blend in to a wide variety of landscaping variations it also eats up a lot of interior space.

– DekoRRa Mock Rock Cover Model 102: This is probably the most popular option for home owners looking to hide ugly water well risers. The 102 features a nice balance of rounded edges with a taller and slightly smaller footprint than the 101 model. Because the 102 is taller, it can handle water wells up to 24″ in height.

– DekoRRa Mock Rock Cover Model 107: The less expensive of the bunch, the 107 is capable of covering water wells up to 18″ in height. For penny pinchers looking for a quick fix the 107 can be a great option.

DekoRRa Mock Rock Cover Model 113: With its monumental stature, the 113 is capable of covering tall wells up to 32″ in height. The squared shape isn’t the most realistic choice, but it’s ideal for mounting an address plaque too.

Regardless of which DekoRRa fake rock cover you decide on you can rest assured that the texture and colors will be extremely realistic. Let’s face it, covering a water well with a fake rock that looks like a plastic blob isn’t going to win you any curb appeal points. Going the DekoRRa route may cost a bit more, but the end result is a fake rock that not only looks real but is built to stay that way!
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