Best Septic Tank Alarm Systems

A significant number of homeowners in the US depend on a septic system for the wastewater in their homes. A septic tank system is subtle and depends on a sequence of mechanical and biological progressions in order to function properly.

Though well-maintained septic tank systems hardly have problems, even the best tend to develop problems.That is why a septic tank alarm system is an essential component of any sewer tank rated sewer alarm systems

A septic tank alarm is necessary for alerting homeowners of a backup due to a clog or heavy rain when water levels become high enough. With a variety of alarm systems available in the market, what type of septic tank alarms are your best choice?

There are different types of septic tank alarm systems. Some buzz and show a red light that is visible near the septic tank. Wireless septic alarms even send a signal to the homeowners phone for alerts when the septic alarm is not within earshot or not easily visible.

Here is an exclusive look at the best septic tank alarms systems to buy:

In/Outdoor High Water Alarm w/Pilot Light and Horn for Septic/Sump/Pond & Other Applications


1. In/Outdoor High-Water Alarm w/Pilot Light and Horn for Septic/Sump/Pond & Other Applications

SumpAlarm is one of the best septic tank alarm systems that enable you to keep on check your septic system level from the coziness of your indoors.

The unit has an audio and visual indicator that alerts you when the system is not functioning correctly by checking the water level and alarming when there is a higher water level or when the pump system fails.

Its long-lasting LED pilot light is visible from far and has a 90db Horn sound when a high-level alarm condition occurs. Most customers love it for its easy installations and simple instructions.

This model also features:

  • Audio and visual indicator
  • LED pilot light
  • 90db Horn sound
  • Easy installation

Our Rating: (4.5/5)




SJE-Rhombus Tank Alert XT - Indoor/Outdoor Tank Alarm with Auto Reset

2. SJE-Rhombus Tank Alert XT – Indoor/Outdoor Tank Alarm with Auto Reset

SJE-Rhombus Tank Alert XT is a well designed and perfect operating indoor or outdoor tank alarm available in the market today.

The alarm system gives a graphic and audio caution of potential high-water level situations in septic tanks, sewage tanks, or additional non-portable water applications.

The incase the liquid levels go incredibly high or low, the red alarm beacons and the horn sounds activate till the state is amended. The best thing is that the alarm system functions even if the septic air pump circuit fails.

This model also features:

  • Best designed
  • Graphic and audio caution
  • Easy installation

Our Rating: (5/5)




Back Up Battery 12V DC in/Outdoor High Water Alarm for DC/Battery Back-up Septic/Sump/Pond Pumps/Solar Installations

3. Backup Battery 12V DC in/Outdoor High-Water Septic Alarm System

With a durable Pilot LED light and a 90-db horn sound on a high-level water incident, this is one of the best septic tank alarms to go for.

You will be able to monitor your septic tank level from a distance as the alarm will conveniently alert you when there is high water or when it’s not operating audibly and visually.

The alarm system is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use fitted with weatherproof elements and enclosures.

This model also features:

  • LED pilot light
  • 90-db horn sound
  • Weatherproof elements
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor

Our Rating: (4/5)




Zoeller 10-0623 A-Pak Indoor/Outdoor Alarm System

4. Zoeller 10-0623 A-Pak Indoor/Outdoor Alarm System

Zoeller 10-0623 is a septic tank alarm system that you can count on in remedying residential or commercial wastewater issues.

The product is dedicated to delivering the best solutions in terms of warning of the high-water condition in your septic tank. With an 82db horn, you can get here the alarm from anywhere in the home.

The alarm system features a 15 ft.  float switch with terminal connections that are easy to install.

This model also features:

  • Septic tank alarm system
  • 82db horn
  • Easy installation

Our Rating: (5/5)




The Best Wireless Septic Alarms

If you want the ultimate in convenience even when you are away from your home then you might consider the extra cost of a wireless septic alarm system. These sewer alarms not only flash and buzz but can also alert the owners phone of an issue. This is great for people who travel or can not easlily view the septic out in the yard.

Wireless septic alarm systems offer the ultimate in security because they incorporate another level of protection.

Wireless (Wifi) In/Outdoor Sump Pump/High Water Alarm - Contacts you by voice e-mail and text before you have a problem.
1. Wireless (Wifi) In/Outdoor Sump Pump/High Water Alarm – Contacts you by voice email and text before you have a problem.

Sump Alarm high water alarm is a rugged outdoor and indoor rated wireless septic tank alarms for level detection.

With this alarm system, you will be able to protect your basement and home from water damage by receiving the advanced notice before you get an expensive mess. After installation, you will receive emails for free anytime the WiFi is disconnected to the alarm, the power goes out to the alarm or when the water rises above the set level.

You can also receive text messages and voicemail for as low as $1 per month if the emails are not convenient enough. A YouTube video overview of the whole process makes it easy to register.

This model also features:

  • Rugged outdoor and indoor rated septic alarm
  • Messages and voicemail System
  • Easy to register & installation

Our Rating: (4.5/5)




Wi-Fi Water Level/Sump Monitor Sensor with Buzzer, email/Text Alerts - Proteus AQUO

2. Wi-Fi water Level/sump monitor Sensor with buzzer, email/ text Alerts

Proteus L5 water level sensors possess the best user interface that makes it one of the perfect wireless septic alarm.

The sensors are well designed to send an email, buzzer, or text alerts when the water levels are below or above the level at which you place the float switch sensor.

The emails and text notifications can be sent to several smartphones or computers along with the audio alert. These wireless septic tank alarms are easy to set up.

This model also features:

  • Water level sensors
  • Designed to send an email, buzzer, or text alerts
  • Easy to set up

Our Rating: (5/5)


Depending on your preference and needs, the above septic tank alarms will serve you perfectly. The alarms will alert you in advance and let you address the cause of rising levels before it results in a more expensive problem down the line.

Septic Tank Alarm Frequently Asked Questions:

What does it mean when your septic tank alarm goes off?

The green light means there is power to the unit and a red light and alarm going off means the water level is getting high. The septic tank alarm sounding means you should cut down on water use until the level goes back down.

Why is my aerator alarm going off?

If the aerator alarm is going off it can mean the water level is too high or there is a blocked vent. The best solution is to cut down on water use. If the aerator alarm does not stop then you should call a plumber to investigate the aerator alarm.

Can septic alarm systems control sewer smell and odor?

No, but they can help alert you of problems that can lead to septic smell or worse, septic backflow into your home. For septic odor control we suggest using septic vent filters.

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