Big Fake Rocks For Big (Ugly) Electrical Boxes

If you’re a homeowner there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the big green ugly electrical utility boxes the power companies place in the yard. For easy access, many of these electrical boxes are placed in the front yard out near the road where they are easy to find and easily visible.

Big Fake RocksMany of these utility boxes are installed on concrete pads to keep them raised off the ground a couple of inches. This can make the footprint at the bottom several inches wider and longer than what’s up near the top.

Covering an electrical utility box requires fake rocks that are tall enough and not overly rounded up near the top where extensive interior space is often needed to fully enclose the rectangular shape of the electrical utility box.

It’s important you measure the length and width of the electrical box at the bottom and also up at the top. In many cases, the length and width will be identical at the top and bottom, but make sure to include the dimensions of the concrete pad at the base if your intention is to have it covered.

Choosing fake rocks to cover these large electrical boxes boils down to 2 DekoRRa Mock Rock Models: The 104 and larger 114. Both offer a squarish or rectangular profile which creates ample interior room for most types of electrical utility boxes.

Should I buy the DekoRRa Model 104 or Model 114 to cover my electrical box?

Usually, it’s the height of the utility box that determines which DekoRRa Mock Rock is needed. The 104 Model is more or less maxed out at the 35-inch high mark. If the electrical box extends beyond 35 inches in height it’s time to look at the larger and taller Model 114 as your only option.

Sometimes the shorter DekoRRa Model 104 can be “boosted” by building up mulch, stone or soil under the base of the rock cover. Remember, all of these fake rocks have more interior room available closer to the bottom vs up near the top. By making the rock sit higher by placing mulch, soil or rock under its base you’ll be creating more useable interior space inside of the enclosure.

It’s also important to consider venting when covering an electrical utility box. Air flow is important to prevent the components within the utility box from overheating and becoming damaged. Vents are easy to add to your fake rock order using the drop-down menus next to the add to cart button. The vents will be painted to match the desired rock color and installed prior to packaging the rock for shipment.
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