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Let’s face it. If you’re in the market to buy the best fake rocks online you want a product that looks real and is built to last. Why settle for a design that looks like cheap plastic or fiberglass? The models for sale here at RocksFast are designed to withstand freezing Wisconsin winters and brutal Arizona heat for years and years.

We will help you find the right size mock rock for your application so you won’t have to worry about costly and time consuming product returns. Our goal is to offer the very best in USA made products at excellent prices with top notch customer service.

Check out the complete line of 2018 DekoRRa Mock Rocks and fake rock covers for landscaping and more above.  We offer the best prices, turbo fast shipping, and total customer support with fast sizing help and a Five Star Guarantee.

Proudly made in the USA,  a patented molding technology creates fake rock covers with incredibly natural textures and colors that really do look like the real thing.

Yet unlike the heavy and burdensome rocks that Mother Nature creates, these are lightweight and easy to place in the yard or front and backyard landscaping.

Forget the low quality cheap plastic artificial rock models you see on many store shelves, these simply blow away the competition on all levels: durability, ease of use, realism, and quality.

Buy The Best Fake Rock Covers

Easy to use, and ultra U.V. and weather resistant for years and years of maintenance free use in your yard or landscaping. We have a large selection of sizes for hiding smaller object like water wells, septic tanks, backflow valves, pressure tanks, cable boxes, utility boxes and more. These DekoRRa Mock Rocks are by far the most realistic fake rock covers available today.

Patented flanges are molded into the exterior walls and serve as anchoring points through which the included ground stakes are driven to secure the rock securely to the ground and provide protection from high winds.

Use them to conceal ugly utilities or place them as landscaping accents to enhance your front and backyard landscape with a natural look that can’t be beat.
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