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Questions And Answers About Fake Rocks

Here are some common questions regarding fake rocks and how they can be used around the home. Many homeowners use fake rocks for landscaping in the front and back yards.

The realistic colors and textures make them ideal for adding curb appeal and character to any flower bed or landscaped area.

With their hollow interior, they also make wonderful artificial rock covers easily placed over unsightly utilities such as septics, wells, electrical boxes, vent pipes, pumps, irrigation backflow valves and more.

1. Question: How Are Fake Rocks Sized?

Answer: The exterior dimensions are measured at the very bottom of the fake rock where it is at it’s widest point. This is important because the length and width of the outer rock base does not accurately reflect the size of object it can cover.  More Info

2. Question: How Do I Know What Size Fake Rock To Use?

Answer: It is important that you carefully measure the object you intend to cover with the fake rock.

First, the length and width of the object must be measured at both the bottom and the top along with the overall height.

Next, the measurements can then be compared to the interior dimensions of the fake rock covers to determine which models will work for your application.

Finally, double-check that you measured correctly before ordering the fake rocks. Better yet, use the sizing form here.

3. Question: What Are The Fake Rocks Made Of?

Answer: The fake rock covers are made from highly detailed molds using a polyethylene resin-infused tiny flakes of organic material which produces a gritty and extremely realistic rock-like appearance.

4. Question: Is It Possible To Make Fake Rocks?

questions and answers about fake rocksAnswer: Yes it is possible but it can be very difficult to produce realistic looking colors and textures. Plus many materials like concrete do not hold up well when exposed to direct sunlight and harsh weather.

5. Question: Are Fake Rocks Available In Different Colors?

Answer: Yes, Fieldstone and Riverbed colors are the most popular for areas with brown and grey rocks, while Autumn Bluff and Sandstone are ideal for landscapes with hues of red and orange.

6. Question: Will They Fade In The Sun Or Become Weathered?

Answer: Fake rocks are highly weather resistant and designed to withstand extreme heat and cold without any peeling or cracking. Since the texture and colorant is molded into the exterior walls and not painted on there is never any chipping or flaking or need for maintenance of any kind.

7. Question: Will The Fake Rocks Require Painting?

Answer: Fake rocks are highly weather-resistant and designed to withstand extreme heat and cold without any peeling or cracking. Since the texture and colorant is molded into the exterior walls and not painted on there is never any chipping or flaking or need for maintenance of any kind.

8. Question: Are The Faux Rocks String Trimmer Resistant?

Answer: Yes, the fake rocks are made with an ultra-durable polyethylene plastic that is not harmed by string trimmers or weed whackers. Even large string trimmers with dual string heads do not tear or crack the fake rock material.

9. Question: Can They Cover Septic Tanks?

Answer: Yes, fake rocks make wonderful septic tank covers provided they are sized correctly. It’s important you first measure both the diameter of the septic tank (diagonal measurement across the top of the tank), plus the overall height of the septic tank prior to purchasing a faux rock. It is also important to vent the fake rocks prior to placing them over the septic tank.

10. Question: How To Make Faux Rocks?

Answer: Most people use concrete to make faux rocks.

First the concrete is mixed with water in a 5 gallon pail.

Next polymer is added to the mix to add strength and reduce cracking and flaking.

Next the concrete is spread over a wire mesh structure shaped to resemble a natural rock.

Once dried, a second coating of concrete is applied as a texture coat.
When the final texture coat is dried the fake rock is painted using natural colors.

Once complete the faux rocks can be placed outside to add character to flower beds and landscaping.​

11. Question: Can Fake Rocks Be Used As Water Well Covers?

Answer: Yes, the different models of fake rocks can make great water well covers by following the steps below:

dekorra fake rock well coverFirst, take a tape measure or ruler and measure the height of the water well from the ground to the very top edge.

Next, lay the tape measure or ruler directly across the top of the well cap and note the width and the length.

Examine the well to ensure it is the standard type with the well pump located beneath the ground.

Use the measurements and compare them to the listed interior dimensions of the different rock models to choose the right size fake rocks.​

12. Question: Can Fake Rocks Hide Electric Pumps?

Answer: Yes, the fake rocks can be placed over electric pumps to hide them by following the steps below:

First, it is important to note what kind of a pump it is you intend to cover. If the pump will be turned on while it is covered then you must be sure you properly vent the fake rock cover so the pump does not overheat.

Measure the pump’s height as well as the length and the width at both the top and the bottom.

Make sure to include any piping, conduit or electrical cords in the measurement.

Compare the measurements with the listed interior dimensions of the different mock rock models to select the correct size.

Include vents in the fake rocks exterior walls to allow for air flow so the electric motor in the pump will not over heat.

8. Question: Where Can I Buy Fake Rocks?

Answer: They are sold online through many vendors but we are one of the few vendors who guarantee correct sizing if you send us the measurements of the item you intend to cover using this form. This is extremely important because return shipping costs can be very high on these large box items.

9. Question: Can I Use A Fake Rock Over An Electrical Box?

Answer: Yes, fake rocks work very well over electrical boxes and utility boxes provided you do the following:

Carefully measure the length and the width at the very bottom of the electrical utility box and also at the very top of the electrical utility box.
Next take the measuring tape and extend it from the base all the way to the top and note the overall height.

Now consult the charts to determine which fake rocks have enough actual interior room to enclose your electrical utility box.

It is important to choose fake rocks that are vented so air can move freely through the rock to keep the transformers cool.

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