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Fake Rock Decorative Septic Tank Covers

Fake rock decorative septic tank covers using faux rocks and artificial rocks is one of the top-selling septic tank cover ideas!

Septics and cesspools are towards the top of the list when it comes to lawn and landscape unsightliness.  Especially nowadays with tighter restrictions regarding leach field cesspool venting, inspection points and septic backflow prevention valves.

Potentially beautiful yards can look more like slalom courses of ugly concrete and green plastic septic lids and white plastic vents.  Most building codes have tight restrictions on sewage system components, leaving homeowners with very few options when it comes to hiding it all from view (similar to utility boxes).

Luckily, DekoRRa has come to the rescue with a variety of super-realistic artificial rock decorative septic tank covers perfect for a variety of applications!

When measuring for a proper fit please don’t forget the junction box. It’s the little square box on the side of many tank configurations, especially the newer plastic models.

If your rig has one of these junction boxes, be sure to include it as part of the diameter measurement.  And speaking of diameter measurements, the diameter is a diagonal measure across the top vs circumference which is the measurement around the outer edge.

When fitting these fake rock decorative septic covers it’s the diameter that’s important. And don’t forget the height of the tank as well. You want to be sure you select fake rock septic tank covers that are high enough to fully enclose the septic riser.

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