Utility Box Covers

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Decorative Utility Box Fake Rock Covers

Raise your hand if you have an ugly metal utility box in your front yard!  You’re not alone!  It’s probably safe to say that we’re all fairly big fans of electricity, telephones, and cable TV.

But the ugliness that these amenities shed upon our yards and landscapes can be a real sight for sore eyes.  This is one of the reasons so many folks are on the hunt for utility box cover ideas like these durable and attractive DekoRRa faux rock enclosures.

Actually, “artificial boulder” is probably more fitting for some of these models.  Either way, now you can hide that utility box quickly! (and don’t forget we have models for a variety of yard and garden eyesores including pond skimmers).

Also, please consider adding at least two vents if you are going to enclose a power utility box.  It’s wise to keep these cool.  And be sure to allow a means for the enclosure to removed should any technicians from the electric company need to service anything in the box.

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