Backflow Enclosures

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Backflow covers and enclosures can be crucial for protecting irrigation and potable water backflow valves. Each economical DekoRRa backflow cover offers durability, easy installation and an aesthetic design that looks great!

Designed to provide backflow prevention devices, water well pumps and other components total protection while blending them into the natural surroundings.  Unlike fiberglass backflow enclosures these offer superior crack and U.V. deterioration resistance due to the durable polymer construction.  These backflow preventer covers are very easy to install and once installed the backflow enclosure top can be unlocked and lifted off for easy inspection, testing and maintenance.

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ASSE certified designs offer frost and freeze protection, creating a hot box of protection tough to beat as an economical and durable backflow cover.

  • Durable, thick shells of linear low-density polyethylene (will not crack like fiberglass)
  • Two sizes available, easy Installation and easy inspection access
  • Available in Class I, II, and III ASSE Certified configurations
  • Ultra-resistant to U.V. damage – Critter proof vents
  • Graffiti resistant and dent proof design
  • Insulated models provide R-13 backflow insulation
  • Protect and beautify expensive irrigation components
  • Each backflow cover features natural colors to blend into the landscaping
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