DekoRRa Rock Enclosures

With so many different mock rocks to choose from, finding the right size DekoRRa rock enclosures can be a challenge. The most important thing to consider is the fit of the rock.

The most common issue is choosing DekoRRa rock enclosures that are too small to fit over the intended utility. If you are trying to disguise a water well riser, for example, it is important you measure the exact height as well as the width up at the top.

With this information in hand, you can accurately discern which DekoRRa rock enclosures will function well by reading the interior dimension charts that outline the amount of space available inside of the rock walls.

The rock texture does diminish the amount of interior space available inside the rock cover. The more extreme the rock texture is, the less interior space is available inside the DekoRRa rock enclosures.
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