DekoRRa Well Pump Covers

All sizes and colors of DekoRRa Well Pump Covers with fast sizing assistance at

DekoRRa Well Pump Covers are available in a wide selection of sizes and colors.

They are made with a patented manufacturing system called “Real-Rock” which creates a very realistic texture that includes natural colors and U.V. protection.

Unlike many other brands that quickly fade and crack when left out in the sun or in the cold winter weather, DekoRRa well pump covers are thick and very strong. Most models can be sat or even walked over without any damage.

Depending on the application, vents can be installed in the enclosures prior to shipping. The vents are important because they allow air to flow through and out to provide cooling. If there is an electric motor exposed above the ground and it is going to be covered as part of the installation then it is crucial that any enclosure placed over it be properly vented.

3″ and 4″ vents are the most popular sizes. Make sure to include at least two vents so air can flow through the rock from vent to vent. A single vent will not provide much airflow and will not properly cool any electronic motors under the enclosure.

DekoRRa Well Pump covers are available in small sizes for standard water well risers. And they can also be purchased for covering extremely large well and pressure tank installations. These boulders are very handy because they can be ordered with vents, insulation and electric heat. These options provide homeowners with a wide variety of options to consider.

DekoRRa Well Pump covers are available in 4 natural colors: Fieldstone FS, Riverbed RB, Sandstone SS and Autumn Bluff AB. This is grreat because the different color selections allow for variety and easy matching with the surrounding landscape.
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