Fake Boulder Hunting Blinds In Wisconsin

Deer and turkey hunters wanting to hunt from ground blinds now have another option: fake boulders!

The DekoRRa Models 104 and 114 are large enough to use as hunting blinds for deer, turkey and other species.

The faux boulders are easily cut with electric hand saws, so modding the rock walls with windows and a door is easy to do. Keep in mind that cutting the rock walls will weaken the overall structure a bit, so we recommend going with a Pro-R insulated rock for additional strength.

We have used a modded 114 model on several successful turkey and deer hunts here in Central Wisconsin. The Riverbed color seems to blend the best with the surrounding Wisconsin landscape.

This real estate agent sells Wisconsin hunting land for sale and has several clients using the modded faux boulder hunting blinds with great success across the state.

One of the blinds even survived being molested by a black bear! It scratched up the interior a bit but other than that it held up real well.

Happy Hunting!

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