Fake Hollow Rock

Grab a perfect size Fake Hollow Rock at this link: https://rocksfast.com

Super high quality and realistic USA mad fake hollow rock covers designed to hide and protect a wide variety of water wells, septic caps, septic risers, vents, outdoor outlets, outdoor lighting transformers, irrigation valves, backflow valves, electrical boxes, telephone pedestals, cable tv boxes and dishes and much more!

Find The Right Size Fake Hollow Rock The Easy Way!

Take out the guesswork by carefully measuring the object you intend to disguise and using the dimensions to choose the right boulder cover. It’s important that you measure carefully and write down the length and width of the object at the very bottom and up at the very top. Also, make note of the overall height of the object being covered.

The last thing you want is your septic, well, or electrical box wearing a fake hollow rock like a baseball cap!  It is important that it covers the entire object all the way to the ground otherwise it will look goofy and not blend in well to the surrounding landscape.

Also, consider color selections. You want the boulders to blend in with existing landscaping as well as with the color of the siding or trim on your home. Measure the distance from objects like trees, driveways, decks, patios, and pathways as well. You don’t want to end up not having enough room to put the fake hollow rock in place once you receive it.


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