Fake Rock Crossbow Hunting Blinds

A common question we hear is:

“Can I use your fake rocks for rifle and crossbow hunting blinds?”

The answer is YES!

While cramming into a little DekoRRa Model 102 or 107 may present a bit of a challenge, the larger Model 104 and 114 can work well for gun and crossbow hunting.

Compound and traditional bow hunters will not have enough room to draw when seated in a fake rock hunting blind.  Since crossbows have horizontal limbs, they work great. nting

The best options are the newer reverse draw crossbows featuring limbs located further back. This design creates a smaller profile that is much more manageable in tight hunting blinds.

We do not sell pre-made fake rock hunting blinds, but the DekoRRa rocks are easy to cut doors and windows in. Just remember that too many cuts can result in a weakened overall structure requiring cross-bracing with door and window frames added to make the blind more robust.

We have used the DekoRRa 114 rock models for many successful crossbow deer hunts over the years. The blinds work well because they are easy to move to different spots and blend into rocky surroundings very well.

Make sure to measure carefully to allow for clearance for the crossbow scope or rifle scope when in shooting position. You don’t want to shoot a hole in the rock wall and miss that giant buck!

Depending on where you hunt, the fieldstone and riverbed rock colors are usually the best bet. Fieldstone offers a nice subtle gray appearance and riverbed leans more towards brown.

When fully closed the fake rock blinds offer excellent scent control. In some cases when crossbow hunting large weary whitetail bucks we place carbon filter sheets over the window openings to further promote scent control.

The carbon flaps also help deaden sound while hunting and moving about in the blind.

If you plan on rifle or crossbow hunting in rocky areas or places where there are large boulders strewn about, the DekoRRa fake boulders offer a fast and easy hunting blind solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Archery Deer Hunting

What states allow crossbow hunting?

  • Almost all states allow xbow hunting in some capacity. Some consider the xbow as an equal to compound bows, others only allow xbow hunting with special permits.

How far can you shoot deer with crossbow?

  • Some bow-hunters are accurate out to and beyond 100 yards but most hunters won’t shoot past 60 yards. Any shot past 40 yards can be risky with many animals able to move or “jump the string” causing a miss or non-lethal hit.
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