Fake Rock Ice Fishing Shacks

We recently had some inquiries about using fake rocks and boulders as ice fishing shantys. It’s amazing what our customers come up with. Crazy ideas indeed!

The answer is yes, one could use a faux boulder as a temporary structure for ice fishing but there are a few things to consider:

  1. Venting – it will be important to vent the boulder if you plan to use a heater inside the shanty. Remember, the boulders are sold as solid enclosures. Any time of heater inside will create dangerous gases that must be vented.
  2. Insulation – some of the DekoRRa rocks can be purchased with insulation sprayed on the interior of the rock. This design increases R-Value and will keep things warmer in general. The spray-on insulation also makes the rock stronger overall.
  3. Doors and windows. You will need to cut your own doors and windows in the rock. We do not offer any kind of pre-fab service so the ice shanty design will be ultimately up to you. Cutting too many doors or windows can have negative effects on the structural integrity of the rock. Some users have made hunting blinds using these faux boulders and they ended up being rather flimsy due to too many doors/windows being cut.
  4. Wind – screw-in stakes can be used to pin the corners down to prevent the ice shack from flipping over in the wind or sliding along the ice.
  5. Transport – these faux rocks are rather large and can be difficult to transport. Any model that is large enough to be used as a portable ice fishing shanty will also be too large for one person to move. It would be best to consider these as more of a permanent structure on the ice vs portable. One person could easily slide the boulder along the ice, however.

best ice fishing equipmentAs far as rock models that could feasibly be used as ice fishing shantys, there are only 2 that are large enough: The DekoRRa Model 104 and Model 114.

These are the largest models and will offer the largest amount of interior space. They are also among the most expensive!

When it’s all said and done, using one of our faux boulders to ice fish from isn’t going to be your best option. The cost to the available room equation just doesn’t add up. If you read ice fishing gear reviews, one main concern is how much space is available inside the ice fishing shacks. Ice anglers need lots of room for their electronics, poles, bait, heaters, etc.

Additionally, when the loss of structural integrity due to cutting windows and doors is factored in, it doesn’t really make much sense. One might end up with a floppy ice shack that wags about in the wind. Sealing the cut doors and windows would also be a challenge.

Do we recommend making an ice fishing shanty out of a faux boulder? No. It’s too much work and you’ll risk ruining the boulder in the process. there are much easier, efficient and warmer options available.

While it would certainly look cool and unique, you’re better off sticking to a Frabill or CLAM ice fishing shelter when you head out on the ice to catch your limit of crappie or northern!


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