Fake Rock Septic Covers

Find the perfect fake rock septic covers at https://rocksfast.com

Several different fake rock septic covers are available to fit septic risers of different diameters ranging from small to large.

Fake rock septic covers can be placed over concrete and plastic sewer system risers. It is important to vent the rock cover when placing over septic. Most customers choose to purchase two or three of the vents which are installed prior to shipment.

The vents are also painted to match the chosen DekoRRa Mock rock color. This allows the vents to blend into the rock walls more effectively.

Venting is also important when covering electrical boxes to prevent the unit from overheating in the warmer summer months.

For security, we advise using the included ground stakes to pin the outer edges of the fake rock septic cover to the ground. This makes it more difficult to remove from the tank.

You will also want to make sure that the septic cap itself is locked down at all times. Many plumbers use a sturdy chain and padlock to lock septic caps.

It is also advisable to consider the color of your home and of existing landscaping rocks to best match the color of the fake rock septic covers in your yard.


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