Faux Landscape Rocks

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There are 2 distinct types of faux landscape rocks: DekoRRa, and cheap imitations.

Cheap imitations are made from thin plastic that does not withstand the elements. It becomes brittle from U.V. damage and cracks easily from the stress of freeze and thaw cycles.

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The thin plastic walls do not feature very much texture, giving these faux landscape rocks a smooth, wax-like appearance that will only distract from your yard’s landscaping.

DekoRRa has actually patented it’s faux landscape rocks. It is a patented molding process called “Real-Rock” and it creates stunning results. Deep, gritty texture and extremely realistic colors blend and create a beautiful rock-like appearance.

DekoRRa faux landscape rocks are cleverly designed to accommodate a wide variety of lawn and garden utilities. What a great way to hide that ugly water wellhead, septic tank riser, vent pipe, outlet, irrigation valve, cable TV or electrical box once and for all.

A patented and clever flanging system allows one to pound included ground stakes through small holes in the flanges to secure the edges of the boulder to the ground. This provides protection from the wind so the faux landscape rocks do not blow away on windy days. It is also a great way to keep critter and curious toddlers out from under the enclosure.

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