Faux Rock Covers

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How To Buy The Right Faux Rock Covers

With so many different shapes and sizes available it can be a challenge to find the correct faux rock covers for your front or back yard landscape. The last thing you want to deal with is having to send back a fake boulder that turns out to be too small to fit over the object you intended it to hide.

Because of the large size, these ship in very large boxes or on pallets, so return shipping costs can be very high. In other words, you want to make sure you get it right the first time!

Properly sizing the object you intend to cover is the most important step. Make sure you measure the base of the object, and the top. You need to write down the length and width of the object down at the bottom, and the length and width up at the top. Also note the overall height of the object.

The big mistake people make when they buy faux rock covers is failing to understand that there is less interior room up near the top vs down near the bottom where the base is at it’s largest size.

By measuring carefully you can make sure you are not buying faux rock covers that are too small and will need to be shipped back for an exchange.

Once you have measured, you can consult the interior dimension charts to see which faux rock covers will best fit your application.

Another way that is even easier is to enter the measurements into the form on this webpage to receive a list of models that will work for you.

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