Fiberglass Backflow Enclosures Have Met Their Match

Fiberglass backflow enclosures have been around for several years as one of the few choices for backflow protection and backflow insulation.

While fiberglass backflow enclosures look nice new out of the box, it doesn’t take long for them to show their age when left outside and exposed to the elements and the rigors of everyday use like mowing and string trimming.

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Fiberglass becomes brittle from U.V. exposure and can crack easily. It’s heavy, fades quickly, and is prone to impact damage.

What’s Better Than Fiberglass Backflow Enclosures?

fiberglass backflow coverThe high-density polyethylene used in manufacturing DekoRRa’s USA made backflow enclosures offer many advantages over the old-fashioned fiberglass designs.  For one, they are lighter weight and easier to use, making placement over backflow prevention devices much easier and user-friendly.

DekoRRa also mixes an advanced U.V. inhibitor into the polyethylene polymers. This creates a wall of ultraviolet light protection throughout the entire thickness and totally eliminates sun fade and weakening of the enclosure over time.

The thickly molded polyethylene design is highly impact resistant, and not brittle like fiberglass backflow enclosures are. Strike a DekoRRa polyethylene backflow cover with a baseball bat and it will give and flex to help absorb the shock. A fiberglass backflow enclosure on the other hand, will crack easily and in many cases fail completely.

Because DekoRRa backflow enclosures are made of this superior material, they are virtually maintenance free. All of the colorant and texture material is molded into the enclosure. Nothing is sprayed or painted on, so one need not worry about chipping, flaking, and having to sand and re-paint.

Curb appeal is another great feature. While most fiberglass backflow enclosures are square, rectangular and boxy, the DekoRRa brand features a smoothly rounded shape that blends into the landscape with a much more pleasing appearance.

And the polyethylene design doesn’t sacrifice security. Like many fiberglass backflow enclosures, the DekoRRa brand features dual locking hasps for fast and easy padlock access. And removing the cover is easy once the locks have been removed. Simply lift the top of the cover off the base.

Each of the DekoRRa backflow enclosures is available in 3 ASSE classifications with options for both insulated and insulated and heated backflow enclosures.
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