Fiberglass Rocks

Fiberglass rocks are old school and ugly compared to what’s for sale at

Leave fiberglass for boat hulls and hot tubs! Polyethylene plastic makes much more realistic and durable fake rocks. DekoRRa molds each Mock Rock using a patented “Real-Rock” molding process which creates stunning results.

DekoRRa Boulders Are Better Than Fiberglass Rocks

All of the texture and colorant is molded into the rock walls, not sprayed or painted on to fade, chip and flake over time. Advanced U.V. inhibitors are blended into the plastic as well. This creates a solid barrier of highly U.V. resistant material that does not fade or become brittle when left outdoors all year long.

The last thing you want are fiberglass rocks that crack and puncture when they are mowed around. And making fiberglass rocks appear realistic always requires painting. Everything with paint on it fades over time when left outdoors. It’s a given. So why not avoid it entirely?

If you need rock covers to hide objects in your yard then why not buy something that looks like a real rock and will actually enhance the landscaping and generate curb appeal?

DekoRRa Mock Rocks feature ultra-realistic textures that are actually gritty to the touch. They look and feel like real landscaping rocks, minus all the smashed fingers and heavy lifting of using actual boulders.

The lightweight designs mean you can lift them easily for moving them or to access what is underneath. Stakes are included with each rock and are used to pin the rock cover down for wind protection.

Take a look at the best alternative to fiberglass rocks at today!

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