Hide Septic Tank

Hide Septic Tank risers and covers with durable fake rocks from https://rocksfast.com

If you have the exposed septic tank blues, we can help. Our selection of high quality and ultra-realistic rock covers allow homeowners to quickly and easily disguise those ugly septic risers as natural landscaping rocks.

You can hide septic tank with DekoRRa Mock Rock Models 111, 112, 108, 118, 119 and 103. The rock models that will work depends on the height and diameter of the septic you intend to cover with the fake rock cover.

What Is the first step to hide septic tank components?

The first step is to carefully measure the height of the riser and the diameter. If there is a junction box on the side of the riser, be sure to make note of it. Most junction boxes add 4 to 6 inches to the diameter measurement.

Some Mock Rock covers are designed to hide septic tank risers which have a junction box on the side. The DekoRRa Mock Rock Model 111 is probably the most popular. It has a slot molded in one side of the rock to accommodate an electrical junction box.

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