How To Hide Ugly Septic Tanks Fast And Easy

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Using a decorative fake rock septic cover to hide those ugly septic tanks and septic risers is a great way to get it done quickly and help blend it in with the surrounding landscaping.

But the problem many homeowners have is choosing the right fake rock septic covers to fit over the existing cover or riser. Septics come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. While some may only protrude from the ground a couple inches, others have a foot or more of exposure, requiring larger fake rocks.

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Measuring the septic tank then trying to decipher the dimensions of the fake rock’s interior can be a challenge since the amount of interior space varies inside of the rock due to the shape of the rock and the texture.

Here’s How To Find Decorative Fake Rock Septic Covers The Easy Way

At RocksFast we like to make things easy for our customers, and we’ve taken all the dirty work out of finding the right decorative fake rock septic covers for your home landscaping. Simply:

  1. Measure the diameter of the septic tank cover. Remember, the diameter is a diagonal measurement across the middle of the top of the tank cover.
  2. Measure the height of the septic tank riser from the ground up to the top.
  3.  Enter the measurements into the form on this page. You can include a photo of the tank as well.

Three simple steps is all it takes!  We’ll look at the dimensions of your septic tank and email you back with a list of all the different DekoRRa fake rocks for septics that will work for your application. It’s super fast, super easy, and a huge time saver!

But What If The Septic Tank In My Yard Sticks Up Very High?

Not to worry!  In many cases one can simply add mulch or soil around the base of the septic tank. When the decorative septic cover rock is placed over the riser, it rests on the mounded soil or mulch to boost its height. We’ll be sure to let you know if certain DekoRRa fake rocks for septics will require mulch or soil be added in order to cover your tank.

I heard I Can’t Use Decorative Fake Rock Septic Covers Because My Tank Is Vented

No problem! When you order from you can add vents to the fake rock septic cover. The vents are painted to match the rock color, and are installed prior to shipment.

Can I Use Decorative Fake Rock Septic Covers If There’s A Junction Box On The Riser?

For sure!  Just be sure to note that the septic tank has a junction box on the side and include its dimensions when you submit the form. The junction box is a small rectangular box on the side of some septic tanks which house electrical components. Not all tanks have them.

So, it doesn’t get any easier than this to hide that ugly septic tank with a decorative fake rock septic cover! Take some quick measurements, enter them here, and we’ll do all the dirty work to help hook you up with the perfect fake rocks!
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