How To Cover Septic System

Find out how to cover septic system the fast and easy way at

Those ugly septic tank risers. Homeowners hate them. Big, unsightly concrete and green plastic circles out in the yard do not blend well into the natural landscaping and surroundings.

With so much time and money spent making the front and back yard landscaping look nice, hiding the ugly septic tank is often a priority for homeowners.

Know How To Cover Septic System The Right Way!

The first thing to consider is the size of the septic tank in your yard. In order to hide it effectively, you need to confirm that the cover is going to be large enough.

Carefully measure the height of the septic tank and its diameter. Remember that the diameter is a diagonal measurement right across the center of the tank.

It is also important to note if there is an electrical junction box on the side of the septic riser.

Most customers looking at how to cover septic system risers end up looking at the DekoRRa rock models 111, 108, 112,118, 119, and 103. The 103 Model is the largest of the bunch and can cover septic risers up to 36″ in diameter depending on the overall height.

Many people ask us how to cover septic system components with proper venting as well. This is very important because many tanks will require proper ventilation in order to function properly.

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